Cumming on one's thighs and licking down to the knees.
She complained about her pants sticking to her ashy knees.
by Factual booty March 5, 2016
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Ashy Knees disease is a "disease" that make your knees look very ashy, usually because they have no moisture such as lotion. Ashy Knees disease can spread everywhere, such as your elbows, ankles, cheeks and nose. Make sure to lotion up before leaving the house, especially during the winter as during that season ashy knees disease is very, very visible.
Friend: "Omg have you heard that Miles has ashy knees disease?"

Me: "I told his dumb self to use lotion everyday! If he listened to me, his knees wouldn't be so ashy!"
by SpookyBlackBabe October 2, 2021
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