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the best kind of women out there color to us hot with the body and the booty are mean and love our men but still hot and if a man messes over us we kick his ass women dont step to us unless they want to get knocked down can be a lady but will beat some ass if needed can dance can sing and cook and do hair and dont piss us off cause well have to get ghetto on you and you dont want that dont ever make 1 take off her earrings and dont approach us looking like a bum cause your feelings will be hurt
did you see that fine ass black chick with the fat ass over there let me holla at her hey baby black chick:nigga who you calling baby i dont know your raggedy ass get some gear a car and a job and your game straight
by kesha westbrook March 03, 2007
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A agressive creature that communicates with a series of unintelligble shreaks and neck movements.
Often very annoying and hard to understand.
Girl oh no you didin't! *Neck movements*
Oh no she di'int! *neck movements*
Black chick cuts infront of man!
Man says hey you cut me! the black chick yells and continues to cut him mumbling insults hidden by shreaks.
by Sykronic June 29, 2010
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A woman of African-American decent, usually wearing a weave and addicted to 'crack' Cocaine.
Sir Willian III: "Pardon me kind sir, did you happen to see a black chick come running down this way with my wallet?"

J-Dawg: "yooooooo, she bought some crack, fixed her weave, n left yo."
by big sass July 10, 2008
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