the best kind of women out there color to us hot with the body and the booty are mean and love our men but still hot and if a man messes over us we kick his ass women dont step to us unless they want to get knocked down can be a lady but will beat some ass if needed can dance can sing and cook and do hair and dont piss us off cause well have to get ghetto on you and you dont want that dont ever make 1 take off her earrings and dont approach us looking like a bum cause your feelings will be hurt
did you see that fine ass black chick with the fat ass over there let me holla at her hey baby black chick:nigga who you calling baby i dont know your raggedy ass get some gear a car and a job and your game straight
by kesha westbrook March 3, 2007
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When the last three girls that one has had sex with were black.
"Dude, the last three chicks i've banged were black!" well then thats the black chick hat-trick
by nickdanja1 April 30, 2010
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A word used to describe someone who is imitating or acting like someone that is fat, black, and is a female. Most commonly used when someone gets really excited all of a sudden spits out random ghetto words that don't mean anything. Also used to describe someone who likes to do booty dances at the club , and eats a lot of chicken.
A : Yo , Bonishia did you see my home girl Oprah pop lock and drop it in da club and throw her hands in the air like she just don't care , like shonishia in dat one Beyonce video? Man , that was my shizzle on my dizzle daug.

B : Dude, your acting like a fat black chick , and your pissing me off !

A: Well des ight , I don't have to chill which chew no mowz. And anysways Chirishia is giving me some new weave in an hour. PEACE ! FO REAL !
by litureeee May 28, 2008
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The only people who say “black chick” are typically men who believe all of the stereotypes about black women. Like as if a black girl is something foreign to them. Something they either want to stay away from or are just voicing their attraction to, because that is such a topic of discussion for black women- whether they are acceptable or not. Especially for select black men. It’s just weirdly obvious they feel “better” in some way and more accepted by white people as a whole than black girls do. And take pride in it. I feel like people who say “black chick” are usually coo*ny. “It was a black chick”…? As if that’s a way to describe someone. As if them being black could tell you something more about them since you don’t know them.
“It was a black chick” andddd what? Did that add character to your story? Which character? So you can use this example of a black woman to coin more emphasis on your opinion of a black girl. It encourages assumption. It’s ignorant. Because it’s so specific. Black. Chick. So questionable. Perfect for those who hunger to compare.
by Eatmyasschip! August 30, 2022
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