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To take something from one sorce and use it towards another.

Many folks believe that this metaphor has its origin in 16th-century England, when part of the estate of Saint Peter's Cathedral in Westminster was appropriated to pay for repairs to Saint Paul's in London.
Jacob: I think I'm going to apply for another credit card so I can pay off some of my bills.

David: Robbing Peter to pay Paul, eh?! Just be carful not to get into debt.
by MoonCricket March 27, 2005
A penis that is so errect that it turns purple and throbs.
I stuck my purple throbber in your mom's ass lastnight and she screamed like a sheep in a slaughter house.
by MoonCricket June 18, 2003
Cocaine which is sprinkled over marijuana bong hits.
Robin: Whoa ~ My head can't stop spinning around. I'm so fucked up right now!

Ryan: Me too girl. Snowcaps are no joke!
by MoonCricket July 23, 2005
Josh: I wouldn't buy any herb from Clyde if I were you.

Robert: Why not?

Josh: Because all his shit has been ragweed lately.
by MoonCricket July 23, 2005
Marijuana cigarette which has been laced with crack.
Terrick: Hey Marcos .. do u want to hit this shit or not?!

Marcos: Nah man. I never fuck with Juice Joints.
by MoonCricket July 23, 2005
How spanish folks say you are going to die. How spanish folks warn you to stop doing something dangerous.
If you don't stop playing on that ledge you gonna get died !
by MoonCricket March 20, 2014
A term used to express a salutation to another person. Particularly wanting to hear any good news. Similar to the phrase, "What's up?".
by MoonCricket February 5, 2004