Garnishing marijuana with cocaine.
I'd like to chase that snowcap with some bourbon and a chicken pot pie.
by Chief Bootysmackah June 1, 2004
the very satisfying two part process of relief by which one, after the release of excrement, provides himself with a secondary relief of his testicular contents upon the unsuspecting floating particulate.
After an all you can eat Prime Rib dinner at the local strip joint, Hector, feeling the effects of cheap beef and erotica, pulled over at a highway rest area and produced the Mont Blanc of all snowcaps.
by FrogSupplyApache September 25, 2010
Gently placing a crack rock on top of a marijuana bud and smoking it out of a water bong. Known as a great way to improve the efficacy of weak marijuana or stepped-on crack. Any type of marijuana is acceptable, but crack is preferred over other processed forms of the coca plant (such as cocaine powder).
Bill: Man, this weed sucks.

Larry: Don't worry Bill, we can fix that. I stole some crack from my neighbor. I'll drop a rock on top of your bud and we'll snowcap it out of my my Tommy Chong bong. Then we can buy some prostitutes with your wife's credit card.
by Jimmy8196 January 19, 2020
(V) To empty the contents of your seminal vessicle (ie; your load) onto the tip of the recipient's waiting terd. Similar to the snow on the top of a distant mountain peak. This act is preferably performed internally.

(N) The semen that comes to rest upon the pointed tip of a waiting terd. Suggesting the appearence of a distant, snowy mountain peak.

2. The result of anal sex.
Shaniqua let me snowcap one of her sixteen-ouncers thursday night.

Her sister didn't know what a snowcap was until I showed her.
by Bruce B November 10, 2003
when you cum in a girls mouth and she comes up to give you kiss on the mouth
After my girlfriend gave me head and i busted it in her mouth, she tried to come up and give me a snowcap. i said fuck that.
by dubtizzle March 15, 2006
The result of an almost funny, though not quite, joke.

Originated from a mishearing of the term "slow clap", subsequently snowballing into an indiscriminate laugh fest of proportions unbelievable.
Him: You could wax and get a nic fix at the same time... circle by circle.
Her: Oh, snowcap dude. Snowcap.
by eclective July 5, 2009
An elderly person that drives poorly.
This fucking snowcap in front of me is weaving allover the place and going 10 mph under the speed limit!
by Billie Byrd March 26, 2009