The Mount Everest is performed by taking a dump on your partner’s chest, then quickly turning around and covering your steaming pile of excrement with a large shot of cum. This gives the effect of snow on top of a mound of dirt. The name Mount Everest describes not only the act but also the difficulty involved in completing the act. It may sound easy enough to complete, however the Mount Everest must be performed on an unsuspecting victim. To date only one person has been credited with properly completing this act, for the purposes of this post we shall refer to him as Mike. The trick is to some how convince your partner to lay on her back (naked of course) while you stand or crouch over her. For this act to truly be considered a Mount Everest you must fully complete the act before she can react, it is suggested that you use oral sex or sensual massage as a cover
Dude #1: "You should have seen the look on your Mom's face when I gave her the The Mount Everest".
Dude #2 "Oh? Wait, what's a Mount Everest?"
by Justin Finke November 15, 2005
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highest mountain on Earth; also famous as being the place where oxygen bottles go to die and lay in mass graves.
The plie of bottles is taller than the friggin' mountain. Start rolling the bottles down. It's a hill, they'll roll.
by Shawn E. June 27, 2003
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When you take a shit on a loved ones chest then jack off on the poop pile capping it with your cum to give the appearance of a snow covered mountain.
Damn girl I can’t believe you let me give you a Mount Everest in your parents bed.
by Mortdog January 6, 2020
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The act of defecating in such a large quantity that your fecal matter exceeds the water in the toilet bowl
"Yo man, I pooped so much that it actually surpassed the water."
"Yeah man it's been done before, it's called a Mount Everest"
by Piss coming out of my ass October 19, 2007
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The act of creaming on the highest point of a pregnant womans stomach. Letting it drip down
"Dude I totally gave my wife a mount everest last night."
by Don Juan and Rajellio November 10, 2009
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When you get a boner and the tip is ashier than an old campfire.
-What's all this white powder on the floor?
-Oh sorry , I had to shake out my mount everest on the floor
-Not again?!
by SweatyJerome21 September 4, 2016
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Anyone over the height of 7'1"
Person 2: idk lol
by dead asf lol💀 September 9, 2023
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