To take multiple hits out of the bong.
Damn bro, those bong hits really sent me into bolivian.
by Ramalamham July 28, 2005
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to enhale smoke from a bong
"yo these dudes from take mad bong hits"
by YouGotBeefHuh April 11, 2007
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Smoking weed out of a bong. The proper way to do it is put a bit of tobacco at the bottom, and fill the rest of the bowl with weed. Then take the whole hit at once and clear the bowl in one breath. Guaranteed to knock you off your feet.
Dude #1 - What are you guys up to?
Dude #2 - Just chillin, doing some bong hits.
by ianW March 8, 2005
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1. In the event of smoking a bong
2. To take a break, avoid doing something, or take leave
3. So express that something is not going well
1. Person 1: After this what are we doing
Person 2: I was thinking of taking a bong hit (or thinking of bong hitting)
Person 1: You're a bong hitter!

2. Person 1: dude, lets bong hit.
Person 2: Yea man, before she tells us to clean again
Person 2: Yea man, that was tiring

3. Person 1: This parties a bong hitter
Person 2: Ya dude this place sucks lets bong hit
by BongHitter April 1, 2009
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Originally, a joke from "comedian" Tom Meyers detailing an experience at a 7-11 convenience store. A customer somehow communicates to Tom that the customer had a sick friend or family member. Tom observes a customer purchasing an assortment of junk food, then his sharp comedic mind generated the punchline for this infamous joke.

"looks like someone had a bong hit transplant!" Bam! The legion was born. The advance quality and sharp mind of this comedian got the attention of the Cum Town podcast. This "joke" remains the longest recurring joke on the podcast, the r/cumtown subreddit and the entire comedy world.
Can you stop doing comedy, Tom? No, it's not like I had a bong hit transplant.
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when one is forced into submission to huff anothers ass blast
care 4 a (butthole bong hit)
by Roller 1 July 17, 2009
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Percussive term for a simultaneous bass drum and gong impact.
I can’t believe he missed the bong hit at letter G.
by BigSDawg95 May 18, 2019
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