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A derogatory nickname for Islamic Extremists & ISIL members, originating from the term "Allahu Ackbar," which was then bastardized into "Aloha Snackbar."

Can be used in reference to piss-poor rifle marksmanship/form, incorrect handling of explosive ordinance, and most other amateurish pseudo-military activities.
Ahmed got on to Amazon and bought bomb components and a D.I.Y. AK-47 kit. I think he wants to be a snackbar.

Sam, what the fuck are you doing shooting your rifle from the hip like that? I didn't know you were a snackbar.
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by anton-xt April 25, 2016
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Another name for a womans vagina.
Gina refused to clean up her snack bar. When I went down to delve on the goods I narfed.
by Snoel February 17, 2005
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When you use a womens back to hold a beer and a bag of chips or a sandwich while you are hittin it doggy style.
Last night i gave my girl the snack bar, dirty sancez, monkey punch combo.
by t bass April 15, 2005
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One of those stupid wings, usually seen mounted to the trunk of a Honda, with some fool inside who doesn't realize that the wing does nothing below approx. 100 mph. This is quite ironic, because these cars are usually unable to reach these kind of speeds anyways.
"Holy shit, look at the size of that snack bar on that Civic!"
by Boozy400 August 28, 2006
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