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A rare species. Has an amazing personality but not noticed by a lot of people because those people don't look deep enough. Very smart and intelligent. The way he thinks is very unique and out of the ordinary. His thoughts are insightful and often so true. His perspective about the world and how he perceive things are exceptional. The world should hear about what he had to say because he often see what people misses sometimes. When he gets passionate about something, he digs down to it and get so curious about it. He learns deeply and he knows more than you think he knows. He genuinely cares about the people he cares about. He is capable of so much love but he just didn't know it. No matter how many times life gets him down, he always stands tall. An Ali is very good looking. Very charismatic and charming. He is a total gentleman. He is a real man. He also is hot a.f. His body is something to die for. So masculine you can die. A real good lover. Makes you get addicted to him. He can pleasure you all night long. An Ali is someone you are lucky to have in your life. You can tell him everything. He would do anything for you and he respect you and your decisions. He would just hold you in his arm and make you feel so safe and sound. Also, Ali is an awesome friend. Sometimes you might feel like you want to stab him in the face but 90% of the time he's a sweetheart.
If you meet an Ali, appreciate it!
by probitch123 February 26, 2017
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Ali is witty, sarcastic, snarky, argumentative, stubborn, cheesy, sweet, thoughtful, dependable, funny, kind, and generous. His memory is impeccable. Ali brings you into his world and makes it a place you want to be in. His interest in your day, your thoughts, and your dreams is genuine. Ali accepts you, all of you. Every moment with him is an example of his confidence in you. Ali makes you feel sure, certain, and calm. He helps you become the person you want to be. He's the one with whom you want to start and end your day.
Ali: hi
Me: hi
by thenthanthenthan January 30, 2015
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A Best Friend, someone that you know you can always rely on through anything and everything. you know that your ali wont ever desert you and will always be there for you to talk to, you can tell your ali absolutely anything. Your ali should only be YOUR ali if you can trust them with your life, if you would do anything for them and if they mean the world to you, a best friend that you couldn't live without and who you never want to loose.
1: "Am i your ali?"
2:"no, only ali is my ali" ;)

by ScotiaB.X July 05, 2008
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Ali,is a kind hearted,talented,adorable,tough,feisty,sporty, flawless, and loves to eat but you can’t tell &much more. She is always there to protect her friends even if it costs her more of her friends. She is always either happy sad or mad she always has a felling, she may not seem smart at first but if you get to know her she is book and street smart. She’s always down to have a good time with her friends,she is super cheerful and loves to work out and is a major animal lover you really need an ali in your life and if you have one thank them!
Omg my friends is just like an “ali”!
by Me2bro November 12, 2017
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A peculiar looking specimen, the smell that lingers behind is not a nice one, her leaky eye syndrome can not be cured and her troll like features are a curse for life.
Stuart- Ali I'm bored shall we go brush our teeth
by Idont giva dam April 08, 2017
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Ali is a kind hearted,athletic,talented,always hungry,flawless,caring smexy,always looks like a super model and literally the perfect girl. Everyone needs an ali in their life ali may seem dumb or not smart but she actually is very smart she is talented and good at sports ali is cheerful and may look scrawny,weak,and may seem like she wouldn’t speak her mind, but oh no you thought wrong that’s what ali does right she loves animals and music and cares about she’s friends and family more than her.She also has a lot of friends and is really fun and is always having a good time in looking at the glass half full. So if you know an ali make sure u show you appreciate them and tell them thank you!
Girl: “omg I really need an ali right now!”
Guy: “I can totally relate!”
by Me2dude November 12, 2017
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An awesome person. Doesn't need to be a male can also be female. Someone who is always up to do anything for a laugh and is nice, caring and HOT ontop of that. Don't just call ya mates Ali, pick out a random from the street, nudge ya mate and let em know ya laid ya lucky eyes on an Ali!
Ben - Yo man did you check that chick?
Greg - What the blonde hottie?
Ben - Yeah god what a fucking Ali
Greg - Shit yeah. Agreed
by Johnno211 July 12, 2006
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