1) the quality or state of being ferocious; fierceness.
2) fierce, ravenous, relentless.
3) one's level of ferociousness.
The cougar entered the bar in a heightened state of ferocity.
by ReneeB August 22, 2008
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A word used to describe a ferocious animal
The cat was very ferocical as it played with the toy mouse
by User586272&917263 May 30, 2021
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A substitute for Derob meaning intense mindless boredom. Also a misspelling for Derob when spelt on mobile devices using word completion.
Rogan is Feroc today.

"I'm Feroc"
by F4bs November 10, 2009
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Fero-City, as in a city of ferocity. Used to describe something overwhelmingly ferocious (savagely fierce) in every direction and dimension. Often used when 'fierce' just won't cut it.
May also be used as a noun (see examples)
That guy with the curled mohawk, antique scarf, and authentic china teacup was rather ferocity. Let's follow him to the ends of the Earth.

Much ferocity was had by all on the eve of the new year.
by Raincrow January 23, 2010
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1) The act of agressively pimping, to the point of embarrassing close friends who lack your pimp game.

2) Pimping hard.
"Man Drew has so many girls, I admire his pimp ferocity."

"I'm so embarrassed, he's got so much pimp ferocity it put me to shame."

"Ladies have have pimp ferocity too."
by Lil Dick March 6, 2008
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when a girl has an impeccable ass, and the mere sight of it is excruciatingly painful (much like looking at a solar eclipse with the naked eye)
The girl in the black stretch pants has such ass ferocity that I am now 50% blind in both eyes. The good news is that I'm now 150% fertile.
by TWON June 6, 2004
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A (habitual) condition in which a person is angered vicariously through another's unfavorable situation. Oftentimes, the person with the condition completely absorbs the situation as his/her own.
Don't let James find out that your girlfriend is cheating on you, he suffers from ferocity by proxy. He will kill her!
by Prof. Kyle January 27, 2011
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