The act of yelling/raising your voice
He was shouting at me earlier.
by SuperSonicx August 24, 2006
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Australian term, meaning to buy or give something to someone else.
"I'll shout the next round of beer's."
"Can you shout me a bottle of coke. I left my wallet at home."
"Come around after work, I'll shout you a few cone's."
by Diego September 11, 2003
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When someone suggests a good idea or motive.
Pal: ‘We’re going pub
You: ‘Ahh thats a shout
by ChavTranslater July 09, 2018
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A symbol of respect towards an admirable peer typically used prior to their name in a sentence.
"Shouts to Body, shouts to Mayhem Lauren, shouts to my brother Alchemist man we the fuck out here." - Action Bronson
by The Ombudsgawd June 08, 2015
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slang for "that sounds good", if someone says a good idea you would say "that's a shout !!"
"I really wanna go to the pub tonight"
"That's a shout!"

"Craving a curry right now"
"Ooh that's a shout!"
by elysianalex August 14, 2017
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UK slang term referring to a party of some sort such as house parties etc. Commonly used in Manchester. No different to any other type of party.
Person a: Yo, you heard bout dat shout in stockport?
Person b: Yea yea it's some Turkish guy's house innit? you hittin it?
Person a: Yea yea it's gonna go off!
by bigE February 02, 2012
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Australian saying, meaning "shout" drinks. To buy the round of drinks. You can shout a mate anything you like, as long as you have the money!. Works on a reciprocal system, unless your mates are tightarses
I'll shout the drinks tonight mate
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
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