A understand, funny, intelligent and a beautiful person. They always make sure the people around them are happy and enjoy having a laugh with her friends however they can be quite overruling and likes to be in charge of everything because they have such mature and bossy characteristics. Overall she is a caring, observant and clever person and this is why everyone wants to be with her
Lola: I need Syrian rn I’m going through a midlife crisis
Syrian: always here
by sweetone123 November 5, 2019
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Anglo pronc(Seer-ree-in)
Arab pronc(Soo-ree-ahn)

An ethnicity known among the middle-eastern world as a melting pot. A haven for a mix of many Arabian nationalities.
The blood of the Syrian extends from
Phoenician and Assyrian in ancient times, to a more recent lineage of greek, arab and eastern Mediterranean.
As records go, "The Great Syria" (as it was called previously) contained what is now Lebanon, part of Jordan, and Syria. During that time period it was predominately Christian not Muslim.

Syrian's now are kind, and intelligent people. Diplomatic yet are firm in their stances toward politics. They have one of the most well equipped and organized armies in the middle-east/Mediterranean.

Damascus, Syria's capital, is one of the largest and oldest cities in the Arab world.

Many achievements such as Chemistry, Algebra and rules regarding the use and existence of the number Zero originate from this region.

The general public in Syria loves and adores America yet they tend to have a thorough distaste for the Bush administration.

In American culture, Syrians are wide spread throughout the business and economic field.
A large 35% of Syrian blooded Americans have a Bachelor's degree, Master's degree or PhD.

Syrian-American youth tend to be artistic, athletic and love music. Their facial features are generally not harsh aside from very dark eyebrows.
The business men were Syrian thus very diplomatic yet firm.
by ThGrimmGrin August 12, 2008
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1) A citizen of Syrian Arab Republic, or Syria, in the Middle East.

2) A Syrian thinks that Syria is the "beating heart of the Arab nation" (if such a thing exists) and that they will one day defeat Israel and America if other Arabs gave them control over their lives, money and political power.

3) A typical Syrian is also supportive of all armed militant groups - particularly in Lebanon or Gaza or Iraq - but as long as the fighting of those groups, and the devastating reprisals, do not touch Syria, Syrians or the Syrian regime.

4) He/She also thinks that Kentucky Fried Chicken is the best thing since sliced bread.
Girl :"My Syrian boyfriend told me he he was going to take me to the best restaurant ever, but then it turned out to be KFC!!!"
by Gahgear December 5, 2010
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When somebody calls you it, it's a synonym to the arabic word "Mashallah"

Also, to describe one who comes from the beauitful country of Syria.

Arab Boy: "Wow he's from Syria? Mashallah he's amazing!"

Stephanii (from other "Definition"): "I know! I wish I was a Syrian, then I'd be beautiful."
by Tarkheels12 May 19, 2007
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A cool person. Syrian are distinguished by being highly educated and intellectually active.
Bob: Oh Kamal's very intelligent and attractive. I envy him.

Linda: No Wonder!!! He is Syrian
by commentator November 27, 2007
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A very large dildo, usually black and sometimes spiked, fired from a RPG towards an enemy's anus.
Guy 1: Have you seen the new porn coming out of the middle-east?
Guy 2: Yeah, they are always giving someone a Syrian Torpedo.
by ljohn12N April 1, 2014
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Syrian Rue, (Peganum harmala), is a perennial shrub with fleshy spikey-looking leaves, growing up to 1 meter tall. Its small, brown seeds contains harmine and other harmala alkaloids. It is one of the plants speculated to be the Soma or Haoma of ancient Persia.

Syrian Rue is a non-popular plant as of today, but gives a Psychedelic effect if Smoked or Ingested into your body (usually smoked)
Syrian Rue is right for me!
by Nicholas Roberts April 1, 2008
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