Usually as a result of not having much or any friends in reality, your mind creates an imaginary friend. Even the creator of an imaginary friend cannot see them, unless if they are on LSD, or just hallucinogenic. You're not nessecarily "crazy" if you have one.

You can just talk to them in your mind, they can think for you sometimes, you can ask them for advice or ask them to decide which movie you want to rent tonight. You can get into arguments with them, and you can have intelligent conversations with them.


You can't kill them.

They might slowly fade away in time... but... I don't know...



You can completely change into your imaginary friend. Sad I know.
by Keael January 7, 2006
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a living person who you talk to constantly but never see them.
i wish i could see my imaginary friend
by humhumhumhum July 27, 2010
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A person or whatever it may be that you become friends with but no one else can see. The most common name for an 'imaginary friend' is Bob.
Person #1- I have 4 million imaginary friends named Bob, so we have to wait for them before we can go to the mall.
Person #2- Um, okay...
by BoB April 23, 2005
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a person you meet once in your lifetime when on vacation, but when the vacation is over you continue to keep in constant contact with each other via text, facebook, e-mail, post, phone calls, or all of the above.
Kyle: Who are you always texting dude?
John: My imaginary friend Julia.
Kyle: You mean that girl we met in Nebraska two summers ago?
John: Yeah, same one.
by TexasTiger August 10, 2011
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A figment of the imagination usually made up by little kids who dont have many friends or have a hard childhood life. Or by some insecure teenagers who have to pretend they have friends to impress people. Also made up by insecure friendless adults who pretend like they go out with someone when its all imaginary and made up in thier head.
Sal pretended to have a friend to impress people. People ended up finding out the imaginary friend was a lie and just an act of compensation to make up for his dull life.
by Sal's imaginary friend Bob December 27, 2007
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A friend that only appears to you and you only, you can play around with the friend but sex is not possible.
Having a imaginary friend is very cool..... *cries*
by what da hell is a pseudonym? November 6, 2019
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A constant companion that nobody can see except children and the religious.
When I was a child my imaginary friends used to talk about me behind my back.
by The Glans Punis May 21, 2005
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