one of the serious crimes such as murder,rape, arson, burgulary. crimes that are severly punished by the law.
by ...Abigail... July 30, 2005
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A serious crime, usually gives the criminal more than one year in prison.
A man rapes a woman, gets charged with rape. Which gives him 3 years in prison. This is an example of a felony.
by MrDinkleberry November 8, 2005
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Trish Best, best known by her stage name FELONI, is an African-American lesbian rapper from Detroit, Michigan. She is also known by many of her fans as the "Godmother" of the "out" urban lesbian hip-hop movement. She was featured on Coming Out Stories, a reality television show on LOGO that depicts the lives of gays and lesbians coming out to their families and friends.
That lesbian rapper FELONI is off the hook! You should check out her album!
by CWWP21 July 14, 2008
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A crime that is classified more severe than a misdemeanor. These typically involve violence, high-profile gang activity, the distribution of contraband on a large scale, public endangerment, financial exploitation, Treason & Corruption, and Sentence Enhancing.
The man was convicted for multiple felonies.

In Michigan, it is a felony to trespass on a state penitentiary .
by Jonarious Arbuckleson June 29, 2018
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"Felony" like. Up to no good.
Any activity you could probably catch a felony by participating in.
1."What's that guy doing behind that building?"

"I don't know, but it looks pretty FELONIOUS."

2."She's the biggest troublemaker I know, totally FELONIOUS."
by Bonnie Kate March 12, 2010
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Since felonies are considered crazy( or calamari )
felonious is a slang term for crazy
That bitch was felonious!
by Steen November 13, 2004
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(fel-oh-NEES) Hot, beautiful woman; loving and kind, but don't piss her off! From Greek and Latin roots - hot blooded and a party animal! Every man wishes he could have her; every woman wishes she could be her. A HELL of a lover! Often shortened to Fel or Loni.
Man I wish I could Felonis like that!
by DaStuff February 5, 2010
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