a word that is ok to say quietly while ur preying and not supposed to be yelled in public

if u say "allahu akbar" loudly in public, the ur very possible to be shot by cops
in a mosque: "allahu akbar"

in public: "allahu akbar!!!!" BANGGGG
by redd grizzz November 15, 2020
Actually means "God is the Greatest" but Isis uses this incorrectly. Isis however is actually the complete opposite of Islam.
*gets a good grade* "Allahu Akbar. I thank god for the good grade"
by hamba999 September 29, 2015
A word you shouldn't yell at cars that pass you on the highway with their windows open
"Hey (friend), I almost got my head blown off by a 12 gauge shotgun after yelling allahu akbar at cars passing by"
by fortniteburgerexe April 1, 2022
Expression meaning, " the God (ALLAH) is Greater..." used predominately by Muslims...it usually is thought to mean God is Greatest, however, there is no limit to the creator of the worlds, thus, " God is greater...than any limit imposed"....Greatest imposes a limit in the Universe
Peter: Eh yo, I just accepted Islam as my way of life. I believe there is only ONE God and Muhammad is one of his messengers.

Malik: Allahu Akbar! may Allah guide you to the best in this life and the next! Ameen!
by 23(tu-three) November 18, 2005
Literally means, God is Great in arabic, and is used to praise God.
Some people think it's a joke and mock us by making bomb jokes with "Allahu akbar" in them...
12yearold: "Boom!!! ALLAHU AKBAR"
Muslim: Naw man that's racist.. It ain't like that man,
by The Real Pro June 14, 2015
The thing I shouted when I was gonna run into the game stop
allahu akbar fuckers
by OneFuckingMachete October 13, 2019
"Allah is Greater"- Allah is (part of) the proper name of God.
by Pizza Joe November 2, 2017