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1. Individuals of Middle Eastern background, who are unbelievably fortunate in their efforts to find careers in the strangest places nowadays.

You typically encounter them in the most awkward of situations, such as telephone conversations. Many telemarketers are of Arabic decent and are quite hard to understand over the telephone as well as in person. Smart of the companies to hire salesmen who can't communicate with the consumer, no?

2. Another term for a "camel jockey" which are members of a noble club of camel racing. In ancient Mesopotamia, there were sports involving camels, and only the brave dared participate. Only 3 of those sports survive today; Camel Fucking and the traditional Camel Rib Eating Contest are losing popularity with the younger generation however. The remaining popular sport is the much celebrated Camel Jerk Off in which 20 participants take turns pulling a camel's rope in a "hot-potato" fashion until the animal releases its "stored water" on the last person holding, or LPH if you're avid on the game's terminology. The LPH must do what is called a "finisher" where he is blindfolded and holds their arm outstretched while spinning around very fast. The object is to sling the goo onto the others who encircle the blindfolded player.
1. Typical Resident: "An arab just called and wanted to know if I was interested in a wonderful service, but I'm not sure if that's what he said.. could've been a bomb threat too."

2. Spectator: "The lineup for the Camel Jerk Off looks packed with some tough arabs this year. I'll bet you 10 rupees that Jahmed Muhuggabahgugga is the LPH this time too!"
by SlurpeeFan711 June 07, 2006
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A person of malaysion/ INdian decent but lives in Melbourne. These people usually have elongated faces and yellow or coffee coloured skin. A person who is A -RAB does a slight head wobble to attract the opposite sex. some times accompanied by a weird grrrrrrr noise .
'what is this A-RAB doing the stupid imputant fuck. What a silly boy'
by Carltonfc13 August 27, 2009
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A filthy race of people whom of which are extremely uneducated (most of the males are anyway) and have socially acceptable sex with animals. Just like the people of most third world nations, Arabs are extremely lazy people who say "en shala" (If God wills it; or God willing)to everything. That particular phrase alone is why nothing gets done to improve themselves or their country. Now most Liberals would not agree with this statement. I would ask them if it acceptable behavior for a father to KILL his daughter if she had sex out of wedlock. Arabs don't look at this as the fathers right, but more over his DUTY!!!
Those Arabs are the laziest, most miserable people on this planet.
by Ahmed Muttasa October 24, 2006
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Most Arabs are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Arabs. Simple as that. Being of Israeli descent, I feel no animosity towards Arabs. However, I can't help but feel some discomfort around Arabs, just because of the society we live in today. It's hard not to be discriminatory with these people, although I'm sure the Arab people are a normal bunch who just want what everyone else wants. Peace.
Walking through an Arab market, my father rushed us through, just because he was uneasy.
by leetalmor February 27, 2006
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An arabian person doesn't have anything to do with skin colour or beliefs, rather, one may call someone an arab if the smell like sand mixed with shit. Also anyone who wears a bandana covering the bottom most part of the head-which includes chin, mouth and nose- may be called a dirty arab.
by rat22 June 17, 2011
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