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Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), or ISIS:
An Islamic extremist group, known for their infamous beheadings and extremist ideologies
The ISIL took hostages and threatened to behead them
by sharks445 March 08, 2015
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Something that is ill (is + ill ISIL). Also known as Islamic State of Iraq. A generally good-oriented group of muslim fanatics that behead people just for fun. (You're right, it was sarcasm)
1. example: This video isils.
2. example: ISIL has taken hostages 4 tourists, and threatens to kill them unless they are given ransom.
by Hm??? April 22, 2015
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noun: A high maintenance Turkish girl that constantly complains about how there are no "cute" places in America

verb: The act of ruining cute places in America.
Noun: There is no pleasing that Isil.

Verb: We better set our fireworks off somewhere else, we wouldn't want to Isil the statue of liberty.
by Richard Mandingo April 12, 2013
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