The greatest beverage you can ever purchase. Go into your local kwik trip, go to the back of the store and you will see many different size cups (like mega buddy, big buddy... ect). You fill it up with smoothy slush and three flavor shots. 32oz for 1.87, what could be better than that?
Fuck big gulps I want a slurpie.
by 8Ocho8 April 2, 2007
Otherwise known as a "sloppy burpie." It's a modified version of the Crossfit exercise the "Burpie." This happens when your body reaches exhaustion during a Crossfit WOD and causes your Burpie form to lack.
"Dude, I was so tired during yesterday's WOD that my Burpies started looking like Slurpies."
by Bartles June 7, 2013
Hey girl, you are such a slurpie. My brother just met you and you already sucked him off.
by Megan Ketcham May 10, 2006
The act of going down on a girl while she takes a dump; akin to the blumpy, but for girls.
Spencer: "Dude are you taking a dump??"
Carmen: "Yea, it's gross too. Come give me a slurpy."
Spencer: "Okay."
by Graham W. September 1, 2007
when you cum in your bitch, then eat that pussy out
dude last night i gave my girl a slurpy. she calls me the slurpy king.
by TOB fo eva December 8, 2004
Game friends play where they suck each other off and time how long it takes each other to come.
Hey bro lets play "Slurpies"
Ok bro
No homo bro
by Yoshibeara October 26, 2020
The action where the male ejactulates on his partner and than kisses them.
I gave that trick a slurpie.
by Nathan January 29, 2005