Shes an amazing friend!She puts others first and doesn't put herself first.People who don't like her are missing out and losing the opportunity to have an amazing friend.Shes veryyyy loyal and always has your back.You can trust her and if you need someone to talk to you always have Patricia to talk to.She has rough times in life and only turns to her real loyal friends.Never doubt a Patricia.Shes a great friend.Your lucky if a Patricia allows you to hang out with you.If your being fake to her she will cut you off in a heart beat.She has the best laugh and is beautifulllllll.
Jamie:"Look at Patricia!She just cut off Riley!"
Stacey:"ik!She cut her off in a heart beat!"
by Lili Lena January 8, 2019
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Patricia is an amazing person who may be a bit mean at first but on the inside is the most amazing person you will ever meet. She’s a friend who’ll always be there for you and send you a hug if you feel down. Always give her a hug, she’ll love it!
1. Patricia is an amazing friend

2. Patricia is a kind hearted person
by mew_mewmew September 30, 2018
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A girl name. A Patricia is a girl who is tall, strong, unique, loves to party, and if you are in need she will help you even if you are not someone she likes. She is one of the most hilarious people you will ever meet. She is a good friend, and is the type of girl who will just talk to a friend when he/she is in need. (even when she has something better to do) If you call a Patricia a nasty name (such as bitch) she will try to hold her anger inside and just take it for sake of everyone around her. A Patricia is some what of a quick thinker she always has witty comebacks, but at school she may struggle. A Patricia is the type of girl who will love you even if you don't love her back, she gets hurt by guys a lot because she may rush and tends to be sorta a clingy but the only reason she is clingy is because she doesn't want to loose who she loves. Patricia's are amazing you would be lucky to have one in your life
She is such a Patricia
by forever love July 5, 2015
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a patricia is a stylish, sophisticated person. who takes care of her looks and presents herself well to men. at first she might seem a bit over the top but when you get to know the real patricia you will never forget her. and did i mention that all the boys love her
Guy 1: did you see that hot chick at the beach the other day?
Guy 2: oh yes she was absolutely flawless.
Guy 1: i think she must be a patricia
by fluffyunicorn123 October 11, 2018
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A Patricia is someone who: is noble (obviously), strong, artistic, deep, philosopher, tea lover, anthem lover, milk disliker, exquisite, beautiful, smart, gifted, the best mother in the world (BMW), milk disliker, has a piercing gaze, an aspiring neurosurgeon/astronomer and persuasive (through torturing people Lol). Someone who has biology, maths, drawing, painting, bridges, climbing/hiking, heights, walking, travelling, tea, leaning, simplicity, literature, boomerangs, sunsets, dolphins, getting kidnapped and aliens as interests.

She oftentimes underestimates her true alien power and would need someone to cast light on her inner beauty. She also has gorgeous eyes just like her soul, heart and mind.

She is "awesome" and very loved. 14-12-20
Alien1: Damn! Wikipedia is down again!
Alien2: Easy... Ask Patricia. She knows it all.
by LushSupplyCurve December 27, 2021
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a beautiful girl who is very outspoken , but at-first might come out as shy . as soon as her shell is broken, she becomes un-stoppable and will be the most friendliest person you might ever meet . even though many say she's "pretty,beautiful,gorgeous,cute,and etc" she believes she isn't none of those names . she thinks she's ugly, and doesn't believe someone until they really mean it , and brag about it. self-conscious about her-self, but really doesn't care people think about her, patricia knows she is who she is. more than likely she'll play the "bitch,meangirl act" but she only does that to cover how deeply sensitive she is. most misunderstand her, but at the end of the day its just patricia .
by ayedios May 28, 2011
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She is a sexyyyyy girl with brown curly hair, she got dat booty, and a good ass kisser. She loves to flirt she's a whole freak. She can get dick anytime she wants. She can make you fall in love with just a touch of the hand or just a glance of the face or just her personality. She is just so perfect. She can scoop anybody. She is a very lovable person and a good ass friend.
by Thegoat.a November 30, 2017
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