To fangirl over a real-world or imaginary event or experience, usually one which involves shipping you or one of your friends with someone you both know Generally accompanied by plenty of high-pitched squealing, jumping up and down, hyperventilation, and flapping of the hands and/or arms.
Girl 1: "You and Jason are adorable together. I girl out over you two SO hardcore!"
Girl 2: "I know! I got the cutes REAL bad when he asked me out!"
by Smelly Rocks October 19, 2014
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When you flick your tongue over a girls clit eventually making her cum. This can also consist of sticking your tongue deep inside the pussy as far as it goes which is less orgasmic.
¨I was Eating a girl out the other day and she wouldn´t stop moaning, I was flicking my tongue to make her cum more tho which would explain a lot.¨
by bustdownthoty October 2, 2019
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when a white girl gets so drunk that she proceeds to dance like a black girl.
Kathleen totally black-girled out last night.
by bkcreeper February 1, 2011
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Oral sex performed on a woman
I was eating wendy out last night dude, stinky.
by Mick January 26, 2003
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"Odd Girl Out" was written by Rachel Simmons.

It was made into a lifetime movie starring "Arrested Development" star Alexa Vega.

Rachel Simmons enjoys going to high schools, talking in a valley girl voice, all while telling stories about fifth grade to girls.
"Did you read "Odd Girl Out?"
"Nah, I'm waiting for the lifetime movie"
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to stick your hand inside a girls ass and shovel.
Mike: yo dude last night i tried shoveling a girl out
Steve: EW dude thats gross.
by MiiszAshlley September 13, 2007
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When a lesbian girl seduces or simply finds the right opportunity to masturbate the passive female or help the passive female with masturbating, with the goal of giving the passive female an orgasm. The lesbian will obtain pleasure from doing this, and the passive girl won't complain because she now knows how to reach an orgasm.
Person A: I heard Laurel got to help a girl out once!

Person B: Dang she must really be a slut !
Person A: Ya the girl was 2 years younger than her too!
by altonarailroads May 10, 2011
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