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What? How did I get here? Where the...
Hey! What's going on? Jesus Christ! TELL ME!! What the?? I'm confused!! What's going on here? AHHH!
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A comedy movie created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Trey Parker plays as a door-to-door, black belt mormon who is offered to play a pornographic superhero. For a large sum of money, the mormon accepts. His future wife, Lisa, has no idea he is taking part in these films. One of the funniest fucking movies on the planet.
(Lisa is at a movie store, when Orgazmo is playing on a screen)

Lisa: Joe? (Looks up on screen)

(Goes up to store clerk)

Lisa: Excuse me? What movie is this?

Clerk: What movie is this? Have you been living in a cardboard box, lady?

Lisa: No, I'm from Utah.

Clerk: Oh... I'm sorry.
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A slang term used to describe a firearm such as a gun. Commonly used as a word meaning machine gun.
"That mutha fucka is pissin me off. I should use my oozey on that bitch."
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A silent but deadly fart let loose when you are in a small cabin or a cottage.
Earl: And so I said to the guy.... Hey, what the hell is that smell? Ahh! Someone let loose a cottage cheese!

Sam: Whoops...
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Someone who does doody - a feces fucker - some one who loves the chocolate log
"What the hell?!?! I never realized you were a doody doer!"
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One with ignorance or lack of moral education. Any preferrable adjective meaning 'dumb' referring to a person. Also see dumbass.
Joe: Hey John!
John: What?
Joe: Whats two times two?
John: 8!
Joe: You fucking stoopy burger...
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An actor; Recently starred in 2 Fast 2 Furious in Paparazzi. Also one of the most gorgeous men on this planet.
"Cole Hauser... Yummy..."
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