The act of spitting a very viscous and long loogie that never leaves your mouth. Just before it breaks free, you slurp it back up into your mouth. Your fancy science books cannot explain it. Glory comes to those who can wield the longest loogie.
Dude that was the longest spitty slurpy I've ever seen! Everything science teachers have taught you is a lie!
by Supedave54 May 8, 2006
1) You Slowly work a solid stick of butter into someone's asshole
2) You wait a few minutes untill the person can feel it has melted (during this step it helps for the receiver to lay face down)
3) Once it has melted you give the person a rimjob and slurp out all the melted butter giving you a tasty treat
Oh man i gave her a golden slurpy and it was the tastiest rimjob I've ever given
by Ronald A Barbour November 30, 2007
When a guy or girl sticks a straw into their partners ass, and the person with the straw in their ass shits and the guy or girl with the straw in their mouth slurps/sucks the shit that their partner has shitten.
Z:"Honey, would you like a chocolate slurpy for dessert?"
T: "Of course! i'll grab the straw;)"
A term used to define a woman who is particularly good at giving sloppy head but whose chin and neck have merged into one and thus give the impression of a turkey neck.
Hey bro, did you take Slurpy Mcturkey to pound town last night?
by Elesian November 29, 2020
The Irby-Slurpy refers to when one withholds oral sex prior to obtaining a formal job offer in order to exchange a non-HR compliant service in a quid-pro-quo.
Last week, Alden had a job interview with a new French restaurant, and he offered an Irby-Slurpy as a transferable skill and service, which the hiring manager enjoyed after Alden began his employment.
by EmperorsCloudMist February 27, 2020
1) The act of giving oral to a woman that is already wet.

2) Inserting a squid into any wet orifice. (generally the vagina)
The squid is often traded between partners several times.
I had slurpy time with tayler while at the beach, but she didn't want to reciprocate.
by Yoyochickashizle December 22, 2013