Shove a straw into a girls vagina and suck the straw while shes cumming.
by blackman FUSE June 12, 2010
the slurpie is code for necking...............
gina are u gonna give me a slurpie at the movies theater tonight,,
by trap May 5, 2007
1. one who slurps
2. a snuggie who has fallen from snuggiedom by acquiring a slurping habit
3. a sluggie who has begun to mend their ways
"whats that noise"
"ah, thats a slurpie slurping"

to a badly behaved snuggie : "you're becoming a slurpie..."
by snuggie1 June 1, 2004
when you dump your load into a girls mouth
o shes hooked on the protein slurpies, she cant get enough
by stu f. May 7, 2004
A group of people in northern California who go hiking for kicks, but don't take it too seriously and aren't obsessed with health, just having fun.
Person 1: "Whoa, who are those cool kids trekking up that trail and having a hella good time?"
Person 2: "Those are the Slurpie Mountaineers!"
by cultclassiclolo February 19, 2009
One big step beyond a deep throat blowjob.

When your girlfriend goes down so far on your cock that she can slurp up and suck one or both balls into her mouth.
Angel gives such a great BJ... she can even perform a Cherry Slurpie!
by Angel's Prince December 5, 2013
when you eat out an ass so hard you slurp up some poop
Josh: Bro I was hooking up with this girl last night and I gave her a french slurpie.
Sam: Damn bro thats gnarly.
Josh: Yeah man it was kinda dope.
by yung jorg July 20, 2019