another name for chick, chica, hot girl, sluts, bitches, etc... used when said name girls are in close proximity so you dont sound like some kind of creep.
Check out this slurpis behind me!
by suicide mike February 17, 2010
gettin head. when a girl orally pleases you. it involves suckin and is messy if not done correctly, hints the name.
"hey girl, how bout servin me up a slurpy"
by Playboy November 12, 2003
An icey sugary substance that makes your head freeze and gives you headaches from the extreme food coloring.
Apu: "Welcome to Quik E Mart you buy Slurpy? i mean burrito? i mean... come to my 7 11 i buy you all free slurpies!!"
by Me December 28, 2004
The best drink from any store ev4h. It is a frozen delight, and comes in many flavas.
I went and got a 1.18 Litre slurpie for only $1.83 after the concert last night. It was the bomb-sauce!
by Will Jackson June 3, 2004
When a guy sits in the corner and watches a couple engage in anal activities. When the male ejaculates in her anus the slurpy grabs a straw and sucks out the jizz out of the females anus.
Bro can I slurpy your girl tonight?
by Bettrnu November 27, 2019