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That old car is pretty slaw. I would never be seen driving around in it.
by Skizurp June 08, 2003
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adjective used in the description of nouns to imply ignorance
Damn that motha' fucka' is slaw as hell
by Cloud March 23, 2005
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SLut - Ass - Whore

A women who jumps in the bed with whoever is available. She doesn't even acknowledge herself as a slut/whore and she keeps it moving. Not to mention she's nowhere near attractive.
When I go out of town, you won't see me with any SLAWS.
by Iddy Helen jr February 04, 2011
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a person who is easy to sleep wit and has been with a lot of people
yo , don't talk to her shes a slaw she's been wit every guy at this party.
by melly mell July 01, 2009
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Literally the definition of maths. A north east God that should be worshipped for years to come. Let him guide you and show you the ways of life that even Jesus can't understand. Sunderland, you have a golden boi.
' Oi slaw ! what we doin today ?'
'Alright settle down now lads were going to be doing some pythagoras today'
'Ruscoe you terror'
by AWildBoi05 January 24, 2018
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