Phrase attributed to 1930s movie star Carole Lombard after being exposed as having an adulterous affair with Clark Gable.
"At a hastily called press conference, the exasperated Lombard allegedly shouted, 'Cock-a-doodle-do! Any cock will do!' out of frustration.

"Needless to say, due to the times, none of those present printed her words, but bad blood continued between Lombard and an outraged Louella Parsons until Lombard's death."

-- Jim Bacon, "Gable & Lombard: A Romance Made in Hollywood" (Parade Magazine, November 25, 1963)
by Twathenge April 10, 2006
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do we have any lemons?; this phrase is a line inside the movie, paranormal activity. this movie was being watched by three friends. these friends are, sarrinah, ruba, and ava. it was quite funny because, although the movie was supposed to be scary, it was actually extremely comical. therefore, these three girls couldn't stop laughing at this one random scene, and decided to make it a longrunning joke.
girl 1: "hey, dO wE hAvE aNy lEmOns?"
girl 2: "haha! i don't know, do we?"
by ewdontcomehere May 4, 2020
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A pick-up line. Often used after a night of heavy drinking when traveling for your workplace with co-workers. Usually executed via phone from hotel room.

Typically used by desperate, married women who are seeking some rough, drunk loving that they aren't getting at home.

Line can be used on both sexes, married or unmarried.

If target is a non-smoker, the line "Hey, do you have any water, I'm thirsty" can be used. See definition for "I'm thirsty."
User in own hotel room - calls co-worker in different room:

"Hey Mike, I just puked in my room, but am wondering, do you have any cigarettes? Cause I sure can use one right now."

by MMD March 1, 2006
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(interjection) a remark requesting hand sanitizer, synonymous with "I just wiped my butt without washing my hands afterwards."
Guy 1: Do you have any hand sanitizer?

Guy 2: Come on, man, you just gave me a high five.
by RickBAideai March 16, 2011
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"Do you have any stuff" Is another word for do you have any drugs but you can say that so the Garda won't suspect you're trying to get some of the good stuff 👌
by ShAwN iLy August 22, 2018
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(February 10) you have to go up to a person and trade dares after you finish your dare you must provide proof .
Steve : Yo bro it's "do any dare day.
David : okay, go ask a random girl to make out.
Steve : okay, and you go cuss out a teacher.
by Saucy Onion February 8, 2022
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