A Great state and not a place of just backwoods rednecks. Summers are warm, winters are cool. We can't drive in snow/ice like you northerners, so don't pick on us. Mountains on the west, beaches on the east, and everywhere between is beautiful. Big cities, but filled with nice southern folk who will talk your head off if you let them.

A place where ACC basketball is life. Everyone has a team they love UNC or hate Duke.

When passing through Raleigh, stop at Char Grill and grab a Cheerwine.
Man we passed through North Carolina; that place was great.
by TarHeelState March 19, 2005
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Know for its blue skies beautiful mountains and wonderful beaches. Outside of Charlotte and the Triad North Carolina is your everyday peaceful southern state. Cheerwine Pepsi and sundrop all grew up here. Bojangles lives here. Known for its college basketball and football programs. Duke Basketball 4 national championships 15 final fours. UNC Chapel Hill 5 National Championships 18 final fours. NC State 2 National Championships 3 final fours. Wake Forest 1 final four. UNC Charlotte 1 final four. An awesome State!
Billy: How was your trip to the NCAA tournament?
Charlie: It seemed like all the teams were from North Carolina!
Charlie: Are we out of North Carolina yet?
Billy: We ain't even out of Charlotte!
Charlie: Well in that case lets stop at Bojangles!
by Broawesome October 26, 2012
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To sum up, North Carolina is basically the South's version of California: it has plenty of urbane cities, mountians, and beautiful coastline. There's something there for everyone (This coming from someone outside of the South), including counties and cities full of lefties and some that are crammed full of rednecks. By and large it does seem to get a bad rap, perhaps becuase of its proximity to South Carolina, which is utterly dysfunctional.
I went to Chapel Hill, North Carolina and found it similiar to Berkeley, California and Madison, Wisconsin
by cmb53208 October 24, 2010
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The great state of North Carolina stretches from the beautiful Smoky Mountains to the rolling sea.
by turbine March 22, 2004
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a great state (coming from a marylander's point of view) home of the banks, the heels, open land, and great people
by kyle from maryland October 25, 2003
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the best damn state in the nation! from the OBX to the great Blue Ridge it's all around sweet...for those of you who think that we're nothing but backwoods rednecks, you've got another thing comin' and had your head out your a$$ soon b/c you can come on down and we'll show you how it's done!
home to the best basketball teams in the country (UNC baby!) and home to the best barbeque anywhere...eastern nc style...
the women are sexy, the tobacco is plentiful, the countryside is beautiful, the beach is sick, the cities are sweet, and the colleges are even sweeter...
North Carolina is all about those UNC Tar Heels!!!!!!!!!
Raleigh and Charlotte!!!!!!!
by tar heel for life October 14, 2005
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the coolest state in the country. may not be california, but it is definitely my home sweet home. got the mountains on the west, got the beach on the east, and everything in between. what could be better?

home to awesome basketball teams. dont hate on the south and east coast, cuz you know we rock. we may be part of the south, but we have diversity everywhere. can't forget the first flight. sure, we have a countryside, but then we have the urban city side! see? north carolina is all-around AWESOME.

if u dont like north carolina and think we're just some rednecks and hicks, get on a plane and fly over to nc and watch me kick your a$$ :-)
by Carolina_Babe May 30, 2005
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