A person that has sexual relations with many different people.
Ifty: Man, that girl hops on every guy she meets.

Evan: Damn, what a crowd pleaser.
by randyn January 16, 2008
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When a girl is good for everyone and "pleases" a bunch of guys.
That girl Kelly is a crowd pleaser, she sucks everyone's dick .
by DEEZ NUTZZ December 2, 2016
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unusual or noteworthy stool which one feels an urge to show to someone before flushing.
After a heavy night i produced a fine log which i had to show my collegues at work, they seemed impressed. What a " crowd pleaser"
by prince30 July 31, 2009
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person A: i was with that girl last night
person B: did u give her the f'in crowd pleaser or what?
person A: oh fo sho!!! she loved it....immaculate
by immaculation January 6, 2006
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An unmanageable, unsightly and unflushable human faeces - usually
found lining the bottom of a public toilet.
"SHIT! somebodies left a right fucking crowdpleaser in that bog!"
by Skip Donahue July 23, 2004
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When you bend a girl over and finger blast her pussy from behind while you jerk yourself off
"You need to invite over the Crowd Pleaser because my boy is ready for action and has no condoms."
by Kmaddogmiller November 2, 2013
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A large weapon that has great fire-power, think shotgun or better. More likely a rocket launcher or RPG. Given the name as it's immense destruction with certainly please any crowd.
"Yo Mack hand me the crowd pleaser, need to show this coward what's up..."
by The Crowd Pleaser October 13, 2009
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