a person who is easy to sleep wit and has been with a lot of people
yo , don't talk to her shes a slaw she's been wit every guy at this party.
by melly mell July 2, 2009
SLAW is an element of internet slang historically used in the classic online game Dransik (now Ashen Empires). It is an abbreviation for "snorting like a warg" or "snort like a warg".

"SLAW" is one of many abbreviations for expressing human laughter as text. It is often used in place of the initialisms "ROFL", "ROTFL", "BWL", "LMAO" or "LOL".
SLAW!!! That's hilarious d00d!
by Jeremy Null July 20, 2007
Literally the definition of maths. A north east God that should be worshipped for years to come. Let him guide you and show you the ways of life that even Jesus can't understand. Sunderland, you have a golden boi.
' Oi slaw ! what we doin today ?'
'Alright settle down now lads were going to be doing some pythagoras today'
'Ruscoe you terror'
by AWildBoi05 January 24, 2018
That girl slawed all over my pants the other night, while my fingers were all up in her.
by Tegster May 12, 2005
selective group of people who are pimps macks ladies men what all women want
damn hes slaw
by kial d garcia January 17, 2003
All chopped up and loose. As though once solid but now not. Not good. Implications of tossed salad in there too, perhaps.
You a slaw ass boy. That's slaw. Man, that shit ain't tight, that's slaw.
by Scamp May 26, 2003