the greatest thing ever invented. all skaters are not dilenquents. all skaters do not smoke wee dal dday. skaters i think are the most judged by the world around us. we can barely do our thing without being yelled at by people or getting dirty looks. i hate it when they block off curbs and sh1t. aweeee am i gonna scrath the ground? f that. seriosuly, all you people who hate skateing, why are looking at this and calling it gay? i bet you cant even stand on a board, i mean seriously, i dont bmx and i can bunny hop? wtf. you guys cant do anything about us skaters. if anyone tries to stop us, we will unite and crush all of you. and anyone who thinks skateing is for fame, money, and women, your a poser and you should not be skateing. and all you bmxers suck. you should not make fun of skateing. skaters dont all listen to screamo death metal. skateing is a way of life. we dont hate on yours, so why do you hate on ours? skaters never bothered anyone until tony hawk became popular. the only reason some people know of skateing are those gay tony hawk games. skaters should be aloud to skate anywhere we want. and even if were not we will do it anyone. because we are BRAVE AND DONT CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK. which is what everyone else should be like. SKATE OR DIE.
ollie wood pushing kickflip skateboarding
by z3r0ordi3 April 10, 2009
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2)The only way into heaven, everything else youve been told is a lie.
That guy doesnt know how to skate therefore he does not know about skateboarding which insinuates he does not exist at all, he is only a faint illusion with-in one's vast immagination.
by Death-ThePhilosopher March 26, 2009
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An extreme sport that not any pansy can do as some fuck head said a few pages back, a sport that anyone can do however, is bmxing, remember, as a 7 year old your mother would ask you to ride your bmx down to shop to pick up some milk? Every fucking person in the world can ride a stupid bike, compare that to the amount of people who can even stand on a skateboard, let alone ollie up a kurb, LET ALONE KICKFLIP TAILSLIDE!

Any one can launch off a lump of dirt on a bike, cause the bike does all the work, but just ollieing on a skateboard is some pretty complicated physics shit that like less than 10% of the world can do.

Skateboarding is not a free ticket to being a cool rebel with chicks on both sides, it's only the best sport, artform or whatever you wanna call it, in the world.

And not all skaters are punks, most punks that I've seen just use a skateboard for transport but there are some awesome punk skaters out there. The majority of real skaters just dress casual or even gangster. I would never wear tight jeans cause loose clothing is so comfortable, but thats me.

Wow I really wanna go skating now, better wrap this up,

Skate for life!

Skater: "Im skating on a previously broken ankle, about to head up to buy a new deck, hopefully my pay came through."

BMXer: "My grazed knee is rubbing against my jeans, I'm gonna sit down for a while, My mum bought me this bike but shes not gonna buy me a new one if this one breaks so it better last."
by Skater G-Hi January 02, 2008
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An extreme sport performed by extreme people. Takes alot of practice, commitment and quite often temper (especially when your skatepark is filled with children and bikers)

And why do people think skaters are bad people? Is it cause of the sport we love? The clothes we wear? The things we say?

Do they say the same about bmxers? No, and the only difference between us and them is they rest their genitals on a clumsy piece of bent metal with two wheels! Oh yea, and they're annoying cocky assholes who take up too much space in skateparks.

I probably wouldn't have just said that had I not seen what they say about us here.

The point is, Skateboarding is an awesome life long adventure with so many rewards along the way, no matter what rate you progress at.

Roll Forever!

Skater 1: "Hey man, oi I just kickflipped the britomart 8 yesterday!"

Skater 2: "Sick! You wanna head up there and film it? I might try it too."


Biker 1: "Hey dude, I just found a lump of dirt yesterday!"

Biker 2: "Rad! You wanna head up there and film it? I might try it too."
by Skater G-Hi January 27, 2008
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When you are done fucking a girl at the top of the stairs, you kick her and ride her down the stairs like one would ride a skateboard
Dude i went skateboarding with Jen last night
by sexontherocks November 19, 2014
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Skateboarding is an art form extremely difficult to perform. Its not a sport, even though there's "balls" involved. Those who can, do. Those who can't, rollerblade and then talk smack! Wow, how cool their little booties look on their feet as they hop and skip around. Since when has putting skates on your feet and "exercising" around the park ever been cool?
Yo dude, I was skateboarding my arse off, pullin' off some insane moves in front of the Betty's down at the park, when this douchebag rollerblader swung through being pulled by a gay guy on a 10 speed bike. I think he was asking if he could pull him into town for some free lessons in being a cage fighter.
by Twatson May 15, 2007
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