Skating, the best thing besides music. and when you combine the two, it's phenomenal. Skating, has the most profound impact on me. I skate not cause I think it makes me cooler, or to be accepted into a group of people. I skate because it's one hundred percent freedom. It's not a sport. If it was every one could do it. It's not like baseball, where you just hit a ball and run around bases to get point to win. There is no winning in skating. The only win is when you finally land that trick that you've been working on for hours,days,or even weeks. That's the best feeling in the world. I've been reading some of the other defintions, some of them are true. Others aren't. They bash on BMXers. And they shouldn't, now I dont BMX, but i can tell it's JUST as hard as skating.Anyways. People that don't get skating obviously hasn't seen the beauty of it. But hey, your having fun and their not. So it's all good. Skating is about striving to get better and having fun while doing it.Skating is not about skating for money,fame, and chicks. If your doing that then, fuck you.
Skater:You wanna go skate?

Doucher:yeah dude! i need to tre down that ledge, maybe that will get me close to being sponsored!

Skater:*punches Doucher in face* you just got pwned, N00B!

by Hey, im a NEGRO! July 07, 2009
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skateboarding is not an art or an sport it is nothing really there is no definition for skateboarding all skateboarding is a hell of a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Lets go skateboarding"

"Hell yeah, skateboarding rules!"
by qwertysskater May 25, 2006
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It's a way of life.
Without a doubt.

It's way cooler than any other "real sport" out there.
Just admit it.

We push the pavement with our foot, all across the city.
This beautiful city.

Born on the streets, raised on the streets.
Stair Sets.
Hip Hop.
Loading Docks.
Parking lots.
Street life.

You might not like us.
We're cool with that.

We are a different kind of people.
We are skateboarders.
I'm a skater.
I enjoy skateboarding.
A hoodlum.
A street kid.

You laugh at me because I am different, but I laugh at you because you're all the same.

For life.
by The Real Deal, yo. April 13, 2010
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A sport based on an athlete riding upon a wide, flat piece of wood with four wheels connected to the bottom. It is both a transportation method, as well as an art form/competitive style event. However, the novelty of skateboarding was obliterated during the turn of the 21st century as a result of several components including;
(1) Clothing brands, fashion accessories
(2) Skater-Punk music (i.e. Avril Lavinge)
(3) A stereotype tab that could be easily manipulated by the media to target teenagers (i.e. anti-drug advertisements, soda commercials)
(4) Video Games (i.e. Tony Hawk's series)
(5) MTV
(and much, much, much more)

Now, skateboarding, the "poseur"'s culture, has been reduced to something of a shambles, something that is despised by everyone. In turn of the culture being ripped apart so harshly by over-exposure, the sport itself is being thought of the same way.

And that is just goddamn wrong.

Maybe someday skateboarding will not have the strings attached to it, the aesthetic expectations, and the millions of rebellious children sucking on its proverbial teats. Hopefully pride will be restored to the once non-conformist sport.
Person A: Only poseurs go skateboarding.

Person B: That's what happens to the public's opinion when something is overexposed and milked dry.
by robots on parade August 22, 2004
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For all you little assholes out there that down skateboarding, FUCK YOU! Skateboarding is fucking insane, BMX is a sport skateboarding is a way of life. It's a relationship to, in order for it to work you have to be at one with the board. Any other sport is just something that anybody can do. Oh and one more thing for the fucking skaters that skate and call all the other skaters posers. Without posers skateboarding would be nothing because the fact that 99.5% of skateboarding things are made for the nonskater and .5% are made for the skater, and that without posers the people that supplie the skateboarding nation with shoes and skateboards would never make it.
Just think we were all posers at one time or another.
You have to start out somewhere on the skateboard
by Skate rat August 20, 2006
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skateboarding is a great sport to let ur emotions out...you can be mad sad happy or just wired...you cant get the same feeling like landing that new trick then u can in finding that rare stamp in stamp collecting...you could never get the real sensation of skateboarding unless your a skateboarder...
why arent u skateboarding rather than reading the definition??jokes....maybe its the same reason y im writing one?...
by Luke Pizzle July 25, 2006
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skateboarding started in the 70's misunderstood by common folk not many people will respect it till they try it. takes a lot of balls and determination i had to write an article to the local news paper because they labelled all skaters in our town annoying and trouble makers yeah right. stereotype
my grandad nailed a 2x4 to some old wheels in the 60's

dude lets go skate, dude i totally did that im stoked.
my favourite skaters are geoff rowley , ali boulala, and andrew renolds i love skateboarding
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