An informal way of saying "thank you" in the British Empire (or what's left of it). It isn't commonly used in Canada or the United States, and could be misinterpreted as "goodbye" (a shortening of "ta-ta").
When I held the door open for a girl in Australia, she said "ta". I thought she was being rudely dismissive, but it turns out she was just being polite.
by Hugh Jasole September 1, 2016
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Often used by drunken residents of Worcester County, Massachusetts. Ta is an expression that is used to respond to a statement with the effect of "I wasn't listening to you and I don't really care about that." Originated at Rieatta Ranch Flea Market.
Person 1: "It rained cats and dogs here in Arizona today!"
Person 2: "Ta!"
Person 1: "mmkay.. have you been drinking again, Tituba?"
by negal01 January 16, 2007
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Short for 'Ta Ta'.

Note: Saying this will mostly likely lead to a well deserved ass whipping.
by Jay Jay January 14, 2004
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