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someone who messes up consistently
Your failing, Jimmy?! I swear it, you're gettin to be a screw up.
by Nicole February 17, 2004
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usually wears suspenders and pocket protecter, has glasses. pens and pencils in front pocket. carries a pocket calculater. thinks chasing away bird to destroy the habitat, eats toxic rain is bad!
i beleive this fits the description of MMMIIIAA no further explanation.
by Nicole December 6, 2004
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Synonymous with: Tina, Rick, "Fat Lard"

Multiple uses:
1. One who avoids the sun like the Bubonic Plague, yet always seems to be tan
2. One who overeats... way too much
3. One who can be seen doing a "step BUMP BUMP" when no one is looking
4. One who does gymnastics on regular household furniture
5. One who closely resembles a girl named Jenny from England
That person lives Alaska... but is always so dark... must be a lyddan.

Oh look, the lyddan over there is eating again!

Is that girl over there reciting the alphabet backwards?? What a lyddan!!!

That stupid lyddan ruined my couch on her triple axle vault!!!

Is that Jenny from England???? No.. it's just another lyddan...
by Nicole March 19, 2005
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stuff that heather was looking at while on a music trip in virginia beach. also see "adult desires."
heather! you and that prono has got to stop!
by Nicole May 27, 2003
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A group of kids who dress in what they want to wear, just like every other labeled group. This group of kids though get more discriminated against because they wear certain brands of clothing like Abercrombie, AE, and Hollister. People judge them as sluts just because most of them look good in revealing clothes and like to wear whatever they want, but um how would these people call them sluts if they know nothing about them? A normal group of kids with just different likes than all the other cliques.
Preps are just like all the other cliques, just with different interests.
by Nicole August 8, 2004
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The sweat that drips off your balls when you're caught fucking your cousin!
Last night I had some major relative humidity!
by Nicole December 14, 2003
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