186 definitions by Nicole

someone who messes up consistently
Your failing, Jimmy?! I swear it, you're gettin to be a screw up.
by Nicole February 17, 2004
the hottest person alive-->model with dark brown hair,tan skin and blue/grey eyes. French,Portugese,Native American and Carribean heritage. Model for Victoria's secret, guess and lots more
by Nicole February 23, 2005
nuck is kinda what a horse does when it's mad. so when a human nucks, then they kinda of do a crazy body movement such as kicking, jumping, jabbing, nodding the head vigorously, etc....

buck is kind of a short way of saying buck wild or getting crunk.

so basically, it means to get crunk and go crazy if you're a wild type of person. This is mostly done when listening to rap music, dancing in the club, or getting into a fight.
-Nuck if you buck boy.
-If he get up in my face, I'm gone start nucking on him.
-she acting like she buck, but if she say something else to me, then I'm gone nuck her a**!
by Nicole December 7, 2004
is used to describe any action, by an individual or institution, that singles out minorities for unfavorable, discriminatory treatment.
DWB driving while black: driving while brown; FWA: flying while Arab
by Nicole March 13, 2005
Meaning either "go away" or "leave me alone". Sometimes used as an insult to make one feel childish as if it was past their bed time.
Nicole: Hey man, get off the computer
Bobby: Go to bed you bitch
by Nicole February 7, 2004
cock sucking bastard.Adj.-Often refered to as cock sucking bastard by their mate or fucking companion when dissappointed. Verb-A homosexual who is literally sucking a cock and has no father figure.
Ki-Ki: My boy friend went and threw his saggie nuts arond on some skanky slut.
Ki-KI's Mom: Honey thats what we call a cock sucking bastard!
by Nicole September 19, 2003
1. A fat bitch that could afford to lose 50 pounds or more.
2. An extreme form of grossness.
a. Often referred to appearance of an ugly bitch. Can also be used to offend nasty ass hoes with venereal disease.
b. Can suggest a disgusting taste and feel.
1. She's groos.
2. Don't touch that shit, it's groos.
3. That hoe got some saggy ass tits, hella groos.
4. I would not beat, that's some fucked up, groos sex.
5. That shit taste hella groos, my dog wouldn't eat it.
6. Yo, that bitch is hella groos.
by Nicole April 23, 2004