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It stands for Kewl Doods Only!!!
No man you can't go.... CDO!!!!
by karl March 1, 2005
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A Shebanger is the part of a chick's crotch where the grasses grow.
See also: crotch pussy
I need to trim down my shebanger.
by karl January 24, 2005
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refers to two things, in my experience.

1. a rhythm pattern where the percussive bass takes place on every downbeat. Common in house, trance, other forms of techno, disco, etc.

it is the opposite of a breakbeat, where the percussive bass can be anywhere, but is normally not on beats 2 and 4, and rarely on 3.

2. refers to a 4 speed transmittion with the shifter on the floor (as opposed to the dash or the column)
1. I dig that four-on-the-floor beat; it goes well with the bassline.

2. John wrecked the four-on-the-floor transmittion in his car by going 80 MPH and then quickly shifting into reverse.
by karl December 27, 2005
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Vaginal fluid that is ejected after an orgasm.
Damn! Look at that woman's flow!

That flow could fill a milk jug.
by karl December 31, 2004
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Typical response when your fat Kraut mother lets one rip at the dining room table. Often accompanied by the fat wench lifting a cheek to help it flow.
While eating the wonderful meal of Spaetzle and wurscht, mommy let a wet fart go, and then Roy said "You Got It, Ma".
by karl December 31, 2005
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The T-Virus is a genetically engineered version of the Ebola virus. The Ebola virus kills 90% of its victims however it is inefficient as it kills its victim before it can be transfered to another.

Modification of the Ebola virus with a "founder virus" resulted in the T-virus. It left humans with the ability to move around and infect other people with the virus. It also has mutagenic properties due to the ebola gene being an RNA gene and the "founder virus" being an RNA Virus.
by karl January 6, 2004
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two guys named tom and ed who essentially founded a variation of electronica known as "big beat" in the 90's. however, many beleive that the group cannot be classified into one specific genre, and their music is eclectic and shows influences from places outside of electronic music (such as rock and even hip-hop).

their first few albums displayed huge amounts of creativity and originality (such as "dig your own hole" and "surrender") that obviously could not be sustained for very long. i beleive they have passed their prime; and they know it, so they are currently collaborating with other artists, and the music they do now sounds almost nothing like their past.
the crystal method, fatboy slim, and the chemical brothers are all credited with the foundation of "big beat"

one song of theirs that became really popular was "block rockin' beats".
by karl June 28, 2005
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