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It stands for Kewl Doods Only!!!
No man you can't go.... CDO!!!!
by karl March 1, 2005
A Shebanger is the part of a chick's crotch where the grasses grow.
See also: crotch pussy
I need to trim down my shebanger.
by karl January 24, 2005
refers to two things, in my experience.

1. a rhythm pattern where the percussive bass takes place on every downbeat. Common in house, trance, other forms of techno, disco, etc.

it is the opposite of a breakbeat, where the percussive bass can be anywhere, but is normally not on beats 2 and 4, and rarely on 3.

2. refers to a 4 speed transmittion with the shifter on the floor (as opposed to the dash or the column)
1. I dig that four-on-the-floor beat; it goes well with the bassline.

2. John wrecked the four-on-the-floor transmittion in his car by going 80 MPH and then quickly shifting into reverse.
by karl December 27, 2005
"yes" uttered with the accent of an testosterone-filled, hairy-chested, hairy, antonio banderas / don juan type of spaniard.
keane: i'm going to give you my copy of the Milli Vanilli album.

by karl October 30, 2004
Constant flooding of forums and chatbox's within x amount of seconds.

Spamming is defined by the number of posts by the spam queen M@ttie.
M@ttie ... 24 Jul : 14:34
cerebrum cerebrum cerebrum lol

M@ttie ... 24 Jul : 14:34
LoL, new definition of spam is Cerebrum
by karl July 24, 2004
To give it to her in all three holes from back to front (while mentstrating for the cherry effect)
Touch 'em all -- I gave her the neopolitan last night!
by karl May 28, 2003