Naval slang, getting out of work, lollygagging
"Man, I skated on that last job"
by Al Brown March 25, 2005
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To do meth.

Australian people refer to methamphetamine as ice, therefore the expression.
Oi mate! Why the shaky hands? You haven't been skating, have you?
by suckcup January 1, 2010
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Can refer to the acts of: skateboarding, rollerblading, ice skating, etc.
John Emig got a slurpee thrown at him while skating.
by Dutch May 4, 2003
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To ride on rims; in corelation to calling them blades (skating blades- ice skating)

"catch me skating through my hood on chrome"
by Choppz October 1, 2007
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a dance used n detroit while its looks like your skating but jus movn your feet n a skating way 2 a beat
i was skating on dem niqqaz at that party.. or
i was so gone i skated all nite
by CJ.7mile February 6, 2009
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the act of convincing your friends to put small wheels on their shoes then laugh as they fall down and wreck themselves
We went skating last weekend, you should see the bruises on Arlo.
by freetimeman July 21, 2009
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in basketball, a ball handler performs a dribble move or two that makes the defender disoriented and unable to defend the ball handler leaving him open.
Jerry is skating defenders out there.
by jaylike24 February 18, 2015
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