DMV term
To agree with someone or about something.
Shawty be wildin’”
Kill moe
by NikoxNazzty May 2, 2018
A 'Kill', or 'Kills' refers to the amount of Females or Males a person has had sexual intercourse with. Essentially their "Body Count" or "Kill Count" so to speak.

It's also a fairly more discrete way to let your friends know how many Females or Males you've been with, without letting everyone know.

A Female or Male can refer to their 'Kills' it's not single gender oriented.
Guy 1: Dude! I just got another kill last night.
Guy 2: Sick man, that's what? A body count of 6?
Guy 1: Yeah dude, I'm slowly piling the bodies up!
by Mr. Dictionary Man November 8, 2007
When a person tries to make something funny, but they fail; a.k.a they are called an ozkill or Oz
WOW Ryan! That was such a kill that you should join us for the first annual ozkills on Friday.
by Coach0 May 13, 2015
In comedy: To do well and to get lots of positive audience feedback.
I killed at the Comedy Store sunday!
by Nick Beasley June 23, 2004
To destroy the insides of a woman by means of sexual intercourse
"Yo, wassup with Shorty from the other night?"

"Son, I definitely kill!"
by Str8asshole February 4, 2017
Used by US military especially Marines as an alternative word for cool. Most common heard when confirming understanding of plans or minor orders.
Sgt: "So Gunny said to round them up around 1800 for their libbo speech"
Cpl: "Kill"
by berskerkamikaze February 26, 2015
A word used with immense sarcasm to poke fun of a person who thinks they are "2kewl4skewl". It is usually combined with a vicious point of a finger to exentuate the sarcasm.
Guy 1: "rips around in shitty car"


Girl 1: OMG i have slept with SOOOO many guys.

Guy 1: YOU.. ARE.. KILL! you stupid mutt
by ChiefOrange April 15, 2010