unintelligent accusations or statements made, usually by an 'overconfident' or 'emotioned' person, to prove someone wrong.

(can also be used to define unintelligent statements in general)
by demmmarcel February 3, 2004
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Ten Words of Wisdom is a game held by carykh on YouTube since 12th December of 2015. It can be shorten into TWOW.
On each 'B' episode, the prompt are given to the contestants. The contestants must submit their host their response for the prompt within ten words.
On each 'A' episode, the viewers vote on each contestants' response. Since the responses are displayed anonymously, the viewers won't see whose responses they are.
The result of the voting are shown on next 'B' episode, which the contestants whose ranks are bottom 20% get eliminated from the game.

Today, many mini TWOW games are held in many place such as Discord by many hosts.
A:Shall we join TWOW?
B:What's TWOW?
A:TWOW, or Ten Words of Wisdom in exact, is a game which improves your English skill better!
B:Why do you think it does?
A:On the game, contestants must write ten-word sentences for each prompt!
B:Well, I google it later and when I get interested, I will join it.
by ю瑞 February 13, 2017
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