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Acronym for "To Be Stopped." You use this when you are referring to something that needs to be eliminated from society.
Man, Jay-Z really needs TBS. I can't stand looking at his big flappy face.
by sean February 14, 2005
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When a nut sack is put into your mouth and you suck on it and make it all wet. Usually preceds anal sex.
I was takeing a shower when suddenly a vent opened up and a nut sack slowly lowered into my mouth. I sucked on it and thought "Hey...I'm being tea bagged" and then I had sex with the shower head.
by sean April 10, 2003
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to be exact; highly descriptive and precise
These are quite technical terms, and I wouldn't recommend them to a layman.
by sean September 29, 2003
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n' Spelled "testoclesius"- The second biggest fagg0t ever to grace the earth. He is only surpassed by the one known as saltybluecrackers
www.raw-one.com/forum "TestoGenius Show"
by sean November 28, 2004
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A Duo of Sean S and Jessica P that topped the worlds billboards with their 1 hit wonder, "Airborn".
The Antisocials is the best band in the world!!! = )
by sean January 21, 2004
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The I gave the girl I came home with lastnight the battery.
by sean February 23, 2003
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to stymie, defeat, or prevent something from happening
Didn't mean to manhead you there, but I had to go first.
by sean September 22, 2003
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