To have the courage to do something.
Person 1: So did you get her number man?
Person 2: No... It's cuz -
Person 1: No freakin excuses man... You're a pussy, you don't even have the balls to ask for a girl's number!
by Sebzilla June 4, 2006
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to have a great time and enjoy oneself.
hey paul, hey paul, hey paul, let's have a ball.
by button nose May 27, 2007
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Old people for "Having fun"...If you're under 30, then you've probably never said this(unsarcastically).
Elderly person 1:Are you kids Having a ball?
Young person 1:....what?

by Georgio armani February 18, 2008
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A softer alternative to the mega popular saying Suck a Ball Y'all . A great way to shout goodbye to a group of people without being so jackassy .
"Have a Ball Y'all " shouted Dick, as he left the orgy.
by SuckABallYall March 26, 2017
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If you have brass balls that means you have balls large and hard enough to knock out anything from a small child to mid sized horse
"I didn't know i have brass balls till Julie gave me head for the first and last time. Let's just say her nose never was straight again"
by Breaking Oliver November 2, 2015
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A phrase meaning: "I am special" (not 'special' in the handicapable sense). Used when someone ask what makes you so special or what your problem is. Or commonly used when bored or striking up a conversation with a woman (not really). I think I should note that I really do have 3 testicles (for your consideration ladies).
My Homeboy:"What makes you so special that makes you able to rap you cracka!?"

Me:"I have 3 balls..."

My Homeboy:"Woah... Forget I asked..."
by Mista Flow AKA The Fiend February 14, 2009
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It's a word any guy with a crush would say if they can't talk to her while she's with her friends

and it's the word that means he'll fuck up 100%
dude 1: you have a crush dude?
dude 2:yes and she's over there..
dude 1:you're gonna talk to her?
dude 2:yes...time to have some balls.
*goes to his crush*
dude 2:i was creeping on you last night and you looked saxy :D
*at this moment he just knew he fucked up*
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