Adj. Something which is incredibly overplayed and overdramatized.
Up next on ESPN, completely unfounded speculation regarding the motives of Brett Favre returning to the NFL, followed by a six hour discussion comparing Favre with current Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. Then we'll take you live to Brett Favre's home where we will watch him eat cheetos while watching television.
by vigilantmongoose December 13, 2009
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Entertainment, Sports, and Poker Network

Used to indicate the amount of poker on ESPN nowadays.
I am watching the World Series of Poker on ESPN.
by Mon Capitan August 16, 2009
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Everytime I turn on ESPN they are talking about the Yankees or Patriots or Red Sox or some other gay east coast team, as if the west coast does not exist.
by disneysucks July 30, 2006
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Expert Signaling Psychic Neurosis

ESPN is shared between two very close people and occurs when they think of the same things at the same time.
Kerstan - "What do you think of rats?"
Angelica and Kerstan - "They're nasty."
Angelica - "ESPN? I think so!"
by mashedpotatoesandgravy69 June 15, 2019
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Epstein and Steinbrenner's Personal Network
Formally know as Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, they offically changed their names to Epstein and Steinbrenner's Personal Network when they decided to focus on two MLB teams, the Red Sox and Yankees. Their main headlines usually include:
*Manny being Manny
*Manny Ramirez being Manny Ramirez
*David Ortiz hits Homerun Number (insert #)
*David Ortiz eats burger number (insert #)
*A-Rod and Madonna???
*A-Rod and Jeter breaks up with Madonna rumors.
*Joba Chamberlain as a possible Cy Young Candidate (No Joke, actually real)

With the occasional headlines of:
Evan Longoria
Tiger Woods
Brett Farve
Evan Longoria
The New York Mets
Brett Farve
Brett Farve
Brett Farve
LA Dodgers (only because Manny is there)
Brett Farve
Brett Farve
Brett Farve
Brett Farve
Brett Farve
Brett Farve
MLB News

* MLB eyeing instant replay as early as late August
* Oblique puts Lowell on DL | Red Sox top Rangers
* After fouling ball off foot, Jeter sits | Yanks lose
* Cubs sweep Braves by combined score of 18-2
* Crawford opts for hand surgery | TB-OAK Live
* A's third baseman Chavez has shoulder surgery
* Quentin sits out, but balanced ChiSox top Royals
* Sheffield says he's not expecting trade | Tigers fall
* Rumor Central: Rays making push for Aurilia? Insider

Four Yankees/Red Sox headlines in the top 5 from ESPN website 8/13/08
by Person who hates ESPN August 14, 2008
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A 24 hour a day, 7 day a week fellatio fest for Boston, New York, and Barry Bonds.
Somebody just hit 8 home runs in one World Series game, but first, the latest on Barry Bonds' hangnail, plus the Red Sox and the Yankees tee times here on ESPN!
by JoeJoeJoeJoe October 20, 2005
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What Used To Be "Entertainment Sports Programming Network", Now Primarily A Daytime Soap Featuring A Grammy-Nominated Cast Of Rich Athelets
Tiger Tony The Whiner
Barry Cheating Charlie
Alex Crying Companion Mr. Selfabsorbed
LeBron 4 Guys Living Together
Brett Marsha
by ---Tom--- November 10, 2006
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