The good ol' plank o' wood. A skateboard is NOT a toy; it's a part of your fucking life, bro. Cruise to school, bomb hills, haul ass, eat shit, and learn a thing or two from and on your board. A skateboard has always been there. Get on and forget all the bullshit; enjoy the ride. You CANNOT use a skateboard as a fashion sense; if you do, you're a shithead. Thrash everything in sight and ride until you die.
Fuck doing homework. I have my skateboard.
Fuck doing drugs. I have my skateboard.

Fuck all this bullshit. I have my skateboard.
by Fuck Love, Snort Drugs December 15, 2012
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A piece of wood with wheels and a simple turning system, that has the magical power to bring fun and pleasure to millions around the world. It also should be used for fun and not to look "cool".
guy one: "hey look at me I'm so cool, I'm carrying a skateboard, that must mean I am really adventurous and wild"

guy two: "you suck"
by howangrol August 28, 2008
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The best damn sport around. No coaches, no team. A big thanks to ESPN, Slim Jim and every other corporation for ruining what we have.
Skate to Kill - Kill to Skate.
by Bekim Hatchet Wound November 5, 2002
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Something you should do for fun, not for your image!
I love ta skate! (not for my image, cuz no one knows i skate except for my best friend)
by Nicole May 6, 2003
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A piece of wood with Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Griptape, and Hardware. Many people love to do this, but most of them are just posers who suck at it. Only posers say "skateboard", you're supposed to say "skate".
Let's go skate at the new skate park!
by Dr.Phil June 3, 2005
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One of the greatest creations of all time. Piece of very durable wood, 1 set of trucks, 2 bearings per wheel, 4 wheels, brushings, and grip tape. Used by people who want to have fun, relieve stress, or just be themselves.
The picture for this definition is my skateboad.
by VarialFlip September 18, 2004
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a shaped plywood device that when used is the equivalent of gradual suicide...
provides satisfaction to those people whom are hard to satisfy...

skateboarding is not an image thing...

skateboarding = passion for pain...
yesterday i was practically sweating blood after a good day on my skateboard...

skateboarding is NOT a crime...

i love alli...
by Phil b May 10, 2003
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