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A word both referring to and acting as an endearment for one's own vaginal / labial area.

Note: This term is solely used by a female referring to her own anatomy, "My shnoonie is happy." or another person referring to her anatomy, "Can your shnoonie come out and play?"

It is never used as a possessive in the same manner as words like pussy or tail which refer to possession of, or control of, their use by someone who does not actually have them as part of their anatomy.

For example, in a phrase like "Stay away from my pussy! (girlfriend, wife, ho, etc...), shnoonie could not replace pussy as a synonym. On the other hand, if the same phrase was used by the person having the pussy/shnoonie as part of their own anatomy then both are perfectly correct.

This is a light-hearted and happy word and is never used in a derogatory manner. Keep in mind the best connotations of such things and proper usage will never be difficult.

My deepest regards to The Amazon for introducing me to this term and it's appropriate use.
"My shnoonie is cold, I'm going to put on some panties."

"Take it easy, my shnoonie is still sore from yesterday."

"My shnoonie misses you."
by Kael Mang April 24, 2010
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