You are your Mother and Father’s offspring. Offspring is an animal’s young that is produced as a result of sexual intercourse. When applied to humans, offspring is a person’s child or children.

The production of offspring is only possible through sex between a male and a female, also known as heterosexual sex. Thus, heterosexual sex is essential to the survival of humans and the vast majority of animal species, because if there were no new offspring then humans and animals would cease to exist.

Reproduction is the process of producing offspring.

In some animals such as starfish and wasps, offspring are produced asexually.
You are the offspring of your mother and father. They had sex so you could be alive.
by Always striving for Accuracy September 20, 2019
buy sum of their older'll change the way u think of them
Smash (1994)
Ignition (1992)<I think
The Offspring (1989)
by unknown_user March 31, 2004
Offspring are the greatest band ever, their older stuff is def better, smash being the best album n ixnay on the hombre rocks too.
Drivers r rude, such attitudes, but when i show my piece, complaints cease, something's odd, i feel like i'm god, you stupid dumbshit godam motherfucker - Bad Habit
by dEnIaLrEvIsItEd February 22, 2005
The best band ever!!!!!! Amazing albums! Brilliant songs like Want You Bad, Hit That, Self Esteem, Spare Me The Details, Gone Away, Smash, Bad Habit and loooads more. They are AMAZING live!!!!!!
Dexter Holland: vocals, guitar
Noodles: guitar
Greg K: bass
Atom Willard: drums
Dexter Holland, soo hot!!!
Best Band ever!!
A person's child/children or an animal's young.
Viviparous animals are the ones who bear offspring. Oviparous animals lay eggs.
by The local Argentinian guy November 21, 2021