A place for people to stare at enslaved animals.
by my name is not jayden February 24, 2011
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Short for zoophile, which means one who has a deep emotional attraction to animals and may prefer them to a human as a companion/sexual partner. Different from bestialists in that they have compassion for the animal.
Chris is a zoo; he even brought his dog with him to Wendy's.
by true zoo March 14, 2007
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Going to the zoo
Going to the zoo
and thinking about you

(life is like a zoo)
by Krkič May 31, 2019
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ridiculous or unbelievable. basically crazy or outstanding
guy 1: yo son u saw that fight last

guy 2: hell yea; my son went in shit was zoo they got it poppin i aint goin front

guy1: word im tyte i missed it but dats jus cus i wus fuckin ur girl

guy 2: fuck you thats y u got herpes now
by bigbonez2.0 April 7, 2009
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it is a name that kids use for weed
"aye u got any zoo?"
by jamesrussell1116 September 27, 2007
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A place you keep several nice or classic cars; ie. jaguar, mustang, thunderbird, impala, cobra, viper, spider, stingray
"Wanna see the zoo?
You don't even need a pass
The wildlife in my garage
How can you not see the jag?"
by Larry Hustle December 15, 2008
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