A nickname which you call your best friend or someone you really love. A nickname that many people use for their best friend
Girl or Boy 1: Oh my god hey pookie

Girl or Boy 2: His pookie bear
by Sup3rN0v44 July 3, 2023
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One Pookie without the other Pookie is nothing. They are cute together, boop each other's noses, and love being weird. Together they are themselves. Though they are complete opposites, their personalities balance out, and together they will grow for the rest of their lives. Nothing else matters when the Pookies are together.
I love you, Pookie.
by H3lloKitty October 9, 2012
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Name used for a girlfriend who is the best girlfriend in the world. A named used as a cute reference to your amazing significant other.
I love you Pookie!

You are an amazing Pookie and I treasure you deeply.
by pabz February 24, 2013
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It must be a Southern California thing but here, “Pookie” means a tweak pipe. I guess they’re also called crack pipes. Another variation is just calling it a “pook”.
Person 1: Hey did you buy a pook or are we just going to rail this?

Person 2: What the hell is a pook?

Person 1: The pookie dude!

Person 2: Nah but I have this lightbulb.
by Thatonebiitch November 21, 2018
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A baby penguin, which also doubles to mean a crack pipe.
A| Hey dude, you dropped your pookie.
B| What?
by its_ariel_l November 30, 2016
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A term of endearment and affection. It is a name akin to "lovebug", "cuddlemuffin", "babe",
"honey", "lover", etc.
"I love you, Pookie."
"You are my everything. You are Pookie to me."
by Guler March 11, 2005
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Name used to refer to some one you love dearly,normally what the boy calls the girl!

by pookiepie November 5, 2005
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