A person who is moderately attractive. Between 5-7 on the Richter scale.
I hooked up with a scanner on the weekend, she was alright
by russianchegwin July 29, 2022
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The action of listing to a police scanner and reporting it to others.
yo dude u scannering tonight?
by shebnightscanner February 16, 2012
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1. Either a deivce attached to a computer that allows it to take a picture or text from another source, and transfer it to the computer.

2. In some science fiction novels, scanners trace brain patterns, allowing the user to read ones mind.
This scanner is sucking, it can't even get the image!

I scanned his brain because I am a jerk.
by mr. pockets January 17, 2007
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people with a very big variety of interests (jacks of all trades, polymaths etc) often to the point that they don't know what to choose as they don't want to give up their other interests
Jim has tried this and that but still hasn't decided on a clear path, he is, I guess, what you call a scanner. Sadly, he's in his early thirties.
by U8IK March 25, 2011
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To intentionally or unintentionally copy another persons opinions, ideals, visions of the future and vernacular in order to obtain acceptance from their peers in a lame attempt at awesomeness.
Person A: yo, crosby fucking suckkks. worst player in the nhl by far.
Scanner: yeah man, he sucks! hes definitely the worst player ever!!!1!1!!11!!!!!
Person B: do you ever formulate your own opinions, or are you just going to piggyback on everyone elses?
Scanner: (To Person A) yeah ya duster, stop copying me.
Person B: ughhhh, what a fucking scanner.
by d-bombbb March 3, 2009
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Someone who lives vicariously through listening to police and/or fire scanners. Generally someone who has an uninteresting life of their own, or flat out nothing better to do. Some say it's a disease caused by people who only wish they could be a Firefighter, EMT, Paramedic, Sheriff's Deputy or Police Officer...we may never know! A few scanner hounds have taken to the extreme and created Facebook pages/Twitter Feeds to inform the public each time something happens on the scanner. Another extreme, scanner hounds that turn into Ambulance Chasers, so they can get a first hand glance at the 'action'.

If someone you know is suffering from being a Scanner Hound, simply slap them in the face and tell them to get a life!
That guy is a hard core scanner hound, he walks around with his scanner on, his phone, and iPad listening to 3 different stations at once!
by The 1 Ur Mama Warned U About August 11, 2014
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Slightly neurotic, greasy, larger homeless man that frequents State Street on a regular basis, who also supports the UW Greek System and LOOOVES the GAmma Phi ladies. Must ride a bicycle with a police scanner attatched to his hip. Hence the name, Scanner.
Scanner Dan, also look for Piccolo Man in bright orange suit located outside the bookstore playing his piccolo. Also, look for Shim Saxophone player up near the capitol or outside Statesider playing Pink Panther till the weeeee hours of the morning.
by Bass Mouth September 20, 2003
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