"Yo dude" is a term used by the confused wanna-be individual and is a hybrid of "yo" and "dude" (originally used by surfers, skaters, stoners, Californians). This individual is typically someone who feels the need to use slang from regions other than their own, someone trying to emulate a sense of cool. They are most likely trying to mask the fact that they grew up in Minnesota, Alabama, Texas, etc. This individual thinks that if they use socially accepted slang like "yo" and "dude" together, they will fit in and sound urban but laid back cool. This individual will tend to gravitate towards other slang like "stoked", "whack", "the bomb", "phat", etc.
Yo dude, this party is whack, let's g-o out of here!

Yo dude, I'm never moving back to Texas!
by wcg June 7, 2007
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a gangster who is usually wearing too much colonge.
woah! that yo dude has on like a gallon of colonge!
by amme April 12, 2007
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someone who wears bling and too much cologne
aka: a gangsta/gangster
ga:do i smell something??
emma: yeah, it was those yo-dudes over there... as always they are wearing too much cologne
ga *puts a clip on her nose*
by GAismyname April 17, 2007
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YDBH-Yo Dude Bro Hella

When any of the four words can be said,you must say them all.
"wanna grab some grub?"

"yo dude bro hella grab some grub"
by Cat food ice cream March 24, 2010
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A condensed version of "I apologize my good friend, but I believe you are mistaken"
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
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