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The process of being so awesome a real word cannot describe your ecstasy, so a combination of four words is used to form a form of superword.
Duncan was feeling rather superwondertastical after hearing he got into Harvard.

by d-bombbb February 23, 2009

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Inspired by the tv character Fez from That 70's Show, fezzing is to say a word in a fezetonian accent, or to say one of his catchphrases. This is especially hilarious when said unintendingly.
Claudia: No, its pronounced like ahhhh, chill.
Stuart: Ohhh! i thought it was like awww chill...wow, i was completely fezzing it, wasnt i?
by d-bombbb February 27, 2009

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To intentionally or unintentionally copy another persons opinions, ideals, visions of the future and vernacular in order to obtain acceptance from their peers in a lame attempt at awesomeness.
Person A: yo, crosby fucking suckkks. worst player in the nhl by far.
Scanner: yeah man, he sucks! hes definitely the worst player ever!!!1!1!!11!!!!!
Person B: do you ever formulate your own opinions, or are you just going to piggyback on everyone elses?
Scanner: (To Person A) yeah ya duster, stop copying me.
Person B: ughhhh, what a fucking scanner.
by d-bombbb March 02, 2009

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