a method used by a close associate of a rock band that uses this to find the most desirable groupies he can see and baits them into the backstage waiting room while the band takes care of business on stage...

sadly the groupies find out after hours of waiting that the band members have just played a horrible practical joke on them and are already partying back at the hotel.
we use the best police scanners on our tour to keep up the band's moral.
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009
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A citizen who listens intently to a police scanner all day and night so that he will know of all of the fires, murders, robberies, assaults, etc. that occur in his town. The PSP then gleefully informs his friends the next day of the gory details.

The PSP differs from the local policeman, fireman, or EMT with a scanner in that he has a pervy interest in listening to the scanner, not a professional interest.
Dispatcher on Scanner: We have a 10-59 on 25th and Maple; a house is burning, a trauma team and a fire control team are en route.

Police Scanner Perv: Ssh, honey. I am trying to hear the scanner. I think your mother's house may be on fire!
by Loxi July 17, 2009
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Police Scanner 1-37 Codes...

Code 2 Urgent - no light or siren
Code 3 Use lights and siren
Code 4 No further assistance needed
Code 5 Stakeout
Code 6 Stay out of area
Code 7 Meal break
Code 8 Restroom break
Code 9 Summer uniform
Code 10 SWAT pre-call up
Code 11 SWAT Call up
Code 37 Subject/Property wanted

Police Scanner Codes

187 Homicide
207 Kidnapping
207A Kidnapping attempt
211 Robbery
211A Robbery alarm
211S Robbery alarm, silent
217 Assault with intent to murder
240 Assault
242 Battery
245 Assault with a deadly weapon
246 Shooting at inhabited dwelling
261 Rape
261A Attempted rape
273A Child neglect
273D Wife beating - Felony
288 Lewd conduct
311 Indecent exposure
314 Indecent exposure
374B Illegal dumping
390 Drunk
390D Drunk, unconscious
415 Disturbance
417 Person with a gun
417A Person with a knife
459 Burglary
459A Burglar alarm
459S Burglar alarm, silent
470 Forgery
480 Hit and run - Felony
481 Hit and run - Misdemeanor
484 Petty theft
487 Grand theft
488 Petty theft
502 Drunk Driving
503 Auto theft
504 Tampering with a vehicle
505 Reckless driving
507 Public nuisance
510 Speeding or racing vehicles
586 Illegal parking
594 Malicious mischief
595 Runaway car
604 Throwing missiles
647 Lewd conduct
653M Threatening phone calls
Police Scanner Codes

OFFICER DROBNEY: 221, 10-4, en route.


SERGEANT BLASER: 81 will be en route.


OFFICER AVERILL: Centre, 223,10-29.



DISPATCHER: 223, Centre, go ahead.

OFFICER AVERILL: Last name, Trice, T-Tom, R-Robert, I-Ida, C-Charles, E-Edward. First name Kelton, K-King, E-Edward, L-Lincoln, T-Tom, O-Ocean, N-Nora; and also, C-Charles, male, 0-4-1-4-8-7, 04-14-87.


DISPATCHER: Negative-29, suspended.

OFFICER AVERILL: 10-4. If you would, put me out in the area of Satellite Park, 8th Avenue, 17th Street; ah, there's a warrant. I'm going to stand-by for the other units. Attempt to serve.


SERGEANT PETERSON: 223, from 22, I'll come up 19th Street onto 8th.

OFFICER AVERJLL: 10-4,1 swung around him right behind Shorty's on 19th Street



OFFICER DROBNEY: 223, from 221.


OFFICER DROBNEY: I'm by the Soule Bowl right now, coming northbound onto 17th Street.

OFFICER AVERILL: 10-4; if I can get somebody to come 15th Street, then hit the 8th Avenue alley, come behind the park just in case somebody decides to go rabbit.




Centre 222 is 10-60 at, 15th and 8th.
by watsonce December 24, 2010
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