Science Fiction is an adventure, mystery, drama (heck, any genere) that has some basis in a scientific fact or wild theory (faster that light space travel is a great example). The level of research, or reality towards the science determines what kind of science fiction it is. For example, Star Wars uses a few facts (or crazy theories if you prefer), such as the idea of FTL travel through "hyperspace"; but since it's all pretty improbable, star wars type stuff is considered "space opera". Just unplug your analytical mind and watch the pretty lightsabers.

If the science is sound and well-researched, like some of Ben Bova's (one example, there are many other authors) writing, than it's considered "hard" science fiction and calls on a broad knowledge base of popular science. Knowing a little bit about the physics or chemistry (or history sometimes) helps you appreciate and enjoy this kind of science fiction.
Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlefield Earth (the book) = "light" science fiction, space opera

Robert Heinlein's future history (Methuselah's Children), Ben Bova's Jupiter, or Asteroid Wars, Frank Herbert's Dune (a little fantastical, but the ecological background is neat)
= "hard" sci-fi
by Possum King January 23, 2006
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science fiction creates our contemporary metaphors, whereas fantasy literature perpetuates medieval metaphors.
for instance, in medieval times, people who saw strange lights or experienced other strange phenonema described the experiences in terms of meeting angels or pixies, whereas, nowadays, thanks to science fiction, people are as likely to interpret these experiences as alien visitations, abductions, or ufo sightings.
by imaginary dave April 3, 2008
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Also known as Sci Fi.

An elaborate, suspenseful, and sometimes well-written fairy tale that typically focuses on paranormal events, aliens, technology, futuristic visions, space exploration, multiple dimensions, genetics, and other themes which require a good use of logic and scientific theories/facts.
Thank God for the Sci Fi channel. Now I can tape all my favorite episodes of the Outer Limits. :^))
by AYB June 5, 2003
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A genre of naturalistic fantasy that usually has no basis whatsoever in scientific fact.
'Star Wars' is not science fiction; it's a big dumb fantasy movie about space wizards. 'The Matrix' is not science ficiton either; it's a comic book action movie with a pretentious pseudo-philosophy thrown in. What then, constitutes science fiction? A piece that actually cares about the plausibility of its ideas; a rarified sub-set of literature and cinema to be certain.
by Killing Kittens June 3, 2004
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Science fiction erotica also know as sci-fi erotica is basically books or movies involving humanoid monsters and beings from other worlds interacting with one another in a romantic/sexual type of manner.Very few people know about this genre.The popularity of this genre mainly derives from tv shows and many movies such as Avatar ,Star Trek,The Fifth Element,Angel,Star Wars, Stargate sg1,Charmed,Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Beast Master,Xena the warrior princess, and twilight
White Human Male: Hi Zahara i know we have worked together on this ship for about a year and i've been looking at you for a while now and i can't help to see how lonely you are , your skin is the most beautiful shade of green i have ever seen, ummmmm would you like to come to my room tonight!

Green Alien Female: Well i have always wanted to fuck a human so sure .

White Human Male: Wow... well ok follow me !

(This is an example of Science Fiction Erotica )
by Queenofthenight December 1, 2011
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A new type of science fiction that has as it's main subject the hitire a type of proposed sex slave that has evolved into a type of quasiprofession. It is always set in the future and involves the drama,lust and passion surrounding the hitire. It includes movies,novels and graphic novels ect. and often overlaps with other types of science fiction and porn ect.

Hitire is pronounced hi-ti-re.
by The Fury 13 October 15, 2010
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