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Have amazing senses of humour, hearts of pure gold, don't take much to heart and always live life to the fullest. All Saara's are beautiful from the inside and out. They will always make others feel better before themselves and always be there for the people they love truly. They can if someone dislikes them and they are always ahead of the game. They appreciate everything and don't take anything for granted. She is strong and believes that you can't lose unless you give up. You can trust them with all your life about anything. Saara's often smile to cover up their emotions, just so that they don't worry anybody else and so that they don't have to explain themselves to fake people that don't care. They aren't nosy. Saara's are often too nice to people that don't deserve it and they find it too hard to be impolite. They are very forgiving and always think about and put others before themselves. However, if you ever fuck over or lie to a Saara, just keep in mind that she won't let you go so easily....she'll give you the shit you deserve because she hates liars. If you ever fuck about with the people Saara's are closest to and love the most then all hell will break lose between you and her! Saara's are very proud to be women and try and promote the concept of a girl can do anything and everything, they will never let problems get to them and they are secretive about ongoing issues in their lives. As far as guys are concerned, Saara's know what they're doing.
Example 1: Guy #1 - Ohhh man you're so lucky you have a Saara in your life!

Guy #2 - I know. I just hope that i'll never lose her! She's the best thing that's ever happened in my life!

Example 2: Girl - I'm so glad I have a Saara as my best friend, she's the biggest support in my life.
by Jimmy Cartrell October 27, 2013
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Girlfriends of guys with large dicks. They are actually guys in girls' bodies, but are still completely female. Appreciate dirty jokes and nerdy humor. Pets of certain professors.
Guy 1: Yo man you are being such a Saara!

Guy 2: Thanks, so I have a decent sense of humor and a way with the professors. Life is good!

Girl 1: God, why are you such a Saara?

Girl 2: I don't know, I just have a way with guys with large, large... egos.
by mmmcookies March 01, 2010
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A silly girl who always chooses the wrong boy
Yo, like don't go anywhere near that, she's a total saara
by L. March 24, 2005
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Saaras Are bitches. They Think They Can Have Who The Want When They Want and Do what They Want.
Girl: I Have No Clothes On.
Guy: -Slowly Backs Away-
HisGirlfriend.: Yur A Tottal Bitch Yur Asswipe. You Saara.
by CatLickingsocks February 05, 2010
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